Instagram Follower Strategies: Tips from Influencers and Experts

Being a creator on Instagram, there may have come a time when you saw a full stop in the increasing rate of your followers. This might lead you to wonder how to restart that follower growth.

This article will focus on some tips and strategies that can help in increasing the number of Instagram followers on your account. We will also help you understand how you can convert a new viewer into your Instagram follower.

Tips from Influencers and Experts to Increase Instagram Followers

  1. Plan a content calendar

Posting content on spontaneous ideas is always recommended. However, keeping a pre-planned content calendar that aligns with seasons, holidays, and upcoming business events is highly recommended. This helps in posting content before your competition. You will not have to post something scrambled at the last moment just for the sake of a post. Your posts will also be well curated and you can post several contents daily. This will help in getting more followers as your followers will always be entertained. They will know they can expect a great post from you at every event.

  1. Curate your Instagram Bio and Feed

Whenever a new user comes across your content and like it, they are bound to check your Instagram profile. The first thing they will see is your bio, hence your bio needs to be attractive. Add your contact details and website link (if available). Make people understand what your company does in a way that they get compelled to follow you.

Also, this user will surely check your Instagram feed. Your feed is going to leave a lasting impression on them. Curate your brand’s personality by churning out content that has a certain theme, tone, and content.

  1. Start your hashtags campaign

Hashtags are one of the most popular features of Instagram that also separates the platform from other social media platforms. Using relevant hashtags can help in making your posts trend in your niche and increase their reach. If your content is reaching people who are interested in your line of work, they are bound to give you a follow. These people use relevant hashtags to search for posts related to their needs. Your content can come up in the top search results by using these hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags in a single post.

Create your hashtag and promote it on the platform. This hashtag should be unique and something that resonates with your brand image. Run a hashtag campaign and encourage people to use your hashtag in their posts. This will also increase your brand’s reach and hence bring an increase in the total number of followers.

  1. Work on your captions

Have you ever paid attention to writing captions for your posts? If not, you are losing a wonderful opportunity to connect with your audience. Use your Instagram captions to tag people, start conversations, and even ask questions. Captions can include discount offers or coupons. If nothing else comes to mind, you can simply use captions to let the audience know what the post is all about. Encourage your audience to share your content via captions.

  1. Post good-quality photos and videos

If you are a brand on Instagram, you must upload high-quality photos and videos. Your content should be unpixellated and in focus. No one likes blurred images and your viewers might get put off if they come across one. Edit your images and videos properly before posting them. Have fun with filters and landscape and portrait modes. Get creative in editing your images and videos.

  1. Use geotags

If you want to attract the local audience to your content, use geotags. Users search for local content by using Instagram’s search feature. If you add geotags to your posts, you will rank higher in local searches. By adding locations to your posts, you can make your posts searchable in the locations category. If someone is searching for a particular location, your post is likely to come up if you have added a geotag. Hence, geotags can help in increasing followers in your profile.

  1. Use attractive CTAs

The platform gives the option of adding calls to action in your posts. Use CTAs to your advantage when posting content to gain more followers. CTAs such as “swipe up to know more” or “shop now” are highly recommended by the platform. You can also devise your CTAs such as encouraging followers to like and share your content. You can also ask them to give you a follow on the same. You can either use a CTA in your captions or directly add them to your video at the start or end.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

If you are new to the platform, chances are that famous influencers will not be ready to collaborate with your brand. You can try getting in touch with small influencers and collaborate with them for new content. These types of collaborations will help both parties. The follower base of both collaborators can be encouraged to follow the other creator. Once you gain a footing on the platform, you can easily approach celebrity influencers. Partnering with them can help in gaining more reach for your platform. Your brand will gain popularity and hence you will be getting more followers in the process.

  1. Instagram Ads

Have you tried all the tips for increasing followers organically and now have hit a stagnant phase? It is time for you to move on to Instagram Ads. Instagram ads help in increasing the reach of your content to a much broader and relevant audience base. You can filter your target audience based on demographic filters. If you have a few bucks to spare, invest in Instagram Ads to get more followers on the platform.

We hope this article helped you understand the basic intricacies behind increasing your follower base on Instagram. You can also use these tips to gain Instagram likes. After all, followers are the ones who will like your posts the most.

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