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Very often, when creating a new business, people are faced with the situation that various programs, for example, for analytics, and data accounting, are paid, and to install them, you need to spend not a small amount of money. Here to help comes the torrent site, which can help businesses completely free download any program for business. Below we will look at the most popular business programs that can be downloaded on torrents. 

List of programs for business 

Time is one of the most valuable resources. Today you can not waste it on constant meetings at work, collective meetings, and plans, because some convenient services and programs help to quickly solve all the important issues online and improve the efficiency of work. Below we have compiled a rating of the most popular programs for business, data accounting, data collection, and other based on the opinion of experienced experts in the field of IT and SEO. 


The most famous of applications for keeping personal records. It is very convenient to use at work, because you can always share your thoughts with colleagues, as well as together create a work plan or a list of tasks. The resource is available on Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. You can also download this resource from torrent sites, for example, piratesbay. All the sizes of this file you need will be available here. And, of course, you can download it safely without fear for your device. The main thing is to see how many people have downloaded the file. 


Automatically tracks the time you have spent in programs or on websites. You get detailed activity reports on your Android device, Mac, or PC, so you can see the full picture of how your day went. You also get notifications so you can monitor how much time you spent on, for example, news or entertainment sites.


The online manager creates lists of tasks with due dates, priorities, and repetitions. Projects can be compiled into directories according to certain attributes. The program synchronizes all data between your media.


An uncomplicated project management program to use. This resource has many features: write comments, create attachments, invite and approve participants, set deadlines, design personal interfaces, and share information. When any user of the program changes data, interface, or status, others get alerts on their mobile devices or mail.


A useful program first and foremost for executives and managers of any level. It allows you to control and plan the whole work process in the company without leaving your office. Allocate tasks, control their execution, track plans, upload documents, photos, and other files, and monitor whether deadlines are met. And in general, all work moments can be visualized as a whole: the program has handy boards divided into columns, which show exactly what the employee is doing now, what deadlines he has, and whether he can finish his work on time. Such scheduling greatly improves the overall result. You can also divide tasks into detailed segments. This will allow you to complete all work goals step by step without being distracted by unnecessary information.


Another resource for corporate video communication. Here you can create conferences, as well as open or private discussions for employees, and transfer files of various formats directly in the chat. It archives all the information and grants access to any number of users.


An intuitive task manager that allows to assign tasks and deadlines to the team, create projects, and exchange documents.


An online whiteboard that is convenient to use for collaborative brainstorming (especially during remote teamwork) and visualizing your ideas.


The app automatically adjusts the colors and brightness of the display to the lighting conditions – handy for constant focused work because it doesn’t take time to adjust it yourself.



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