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Introduction to SEO: How It Works and Elements You Need To Consider

Digital marketing is a new way of promoting your business to your consumers online. It has different types of mediums that can be utilized to reach the target market or niche of the business. One of the most popular ways other business owners use is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

This is a digital marketing method that you can use to make your website and brand visible to everyone. It is an organic way to get people to visit your website. However, it can be tricky when you first learn about them. Nevertheless, if you understand how this works, you will better get an idea of how you can improve your SEO content. 

To help you, here is a simple explanation of how SEO works and a list of essential elements you must consider.

How Does SEO Work?

The goal of SEO is to make your website rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP) so that you can increase traffic. Website traffic refers to the people or users who visit the website. If you have much traffic on your website, it only means that your site has become visible to them.

As a business owner, there is not really much time in your hands. You can consider getting digital marketing agencies that focus on helping to be your brand’s voice. Do not forget that in marketing, you must consider your prospects. 

If you are geo-targeting consumers, ensure that you are coordinating with experts with the locals. For example, if you are a business owner from Newcastle and in need of SEO services, you can visit to learn more.

Still, if you want to understand how this digital marketing works, SEO focuses on trying to be on the first page of a search engine. The search engine is where most users run to when they want to “search” something. Then, the search engine provides results for their queries. This is possible because they have an algorithm called crawlers, where they “crawl” websites to collect valuable information for their users, called indexing.

Indexing processes all the information from websites and organizes them before a search. You can think of it this way, if you ask your librarian for a certain book, they will go towards the section where they store it, called the index. 

Then, they will search through the books and pull the ones they believe will help you (this process is called crawling). After that, they will present you with several books that can answer your query, where they will rank them from most to least helpful. This presentation of books is comparable to SERPs.

Now, if you are wondering how to be part of the first page of the SERP effectively, there are several elements that you will need to work on. It is because the search engine algorithm can be so systematic, and thus, you must provide accordingly. 

To help you, here is a list of essential things you should consider for your following SEO content.

The Elements of SEO

Getting familiar with the elements of SEO helps improve your content, leading to better visibility. If you can successfully enhance this factor, you can drive more traffic and produce more fruitful organic results.

Meta Title and Meta Description

The meta title is the bold phrases you see in the SERPs. It is usually called a title tag. Moreover, when you write an article (content), it should always have a title. In the SERPs, the title gives the users an idea of what your content is about. Your title should be not too long and not too short, around 60 characters at most. It should include relevant keywords that explain your content and avoid repetitive words.

Also, the title is always accompanied by a meta description. It is the text that you see underneath the title in every SERPs. Your meta description hints at what is written in your content. It should consist of around 155-160 characters. Like the title, it would be best not to make long meta descriptions and practice writing sufficiently yet intriguing.


Most importantly, you must always ensure to formulate informative content. Make sure that it is essential and relevant to what your users need. Since search engines use high technology algorithms, you can never trick them. So, you must practice writing a quality article that is trustworthy and matches the voice of your target audiences.


When you are talking about SEO, you should never leave out keywords. Keywords are the phrases or words that users use to search their queries. You must also be smart about putting relevant keywords in your content. 

An effective one should be closely related to your products or services. It must also be related to your title and the content itself.

Link Building

Another factor you must consider is having links to your content. Link building is about buffing your content with external links or internal linking. Having links or references will encourage engine crawlers to find more related content, which means this will help them better understand what your website is all about. This can be tricky because you also don’t want your references to overshadow your keyword.

Social Media

Social media does not directly affect your ranking in the SERPs, but it helps promote your SEO article on these pages. What social media does is that you can use this as a channel to promote your content where you can present your name and website to interested people.

Final Thoughts

To produce better results, one thing you must do is understand your method. To write relevant and informative content with outstanding quality, you must first learn the basics of SEO. With a better understanding and investment in time, you will ultimately receive fruitful results with the most cost-efficient digital marketing strategy. Take this as a guide and start practicing!


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