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Is Drew Lynch Gay


Is Drew Lynch gay? We can’t tell. We can’t tell because he’s not publicly outed as gay. However, if he’s straight, it’s hard to see his attraction to women. He grew up with a desire to act and pursue a career in television. After winning the America’s Got Talent competition in 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting.

Several Affairs

He is not married, but he has been linked to several women throughout his life. His earliest relationship was with an unnamed girl in 2011, and it lasted until his accident on a softball field. They later broke up. In 2018, he made his relationship with Melanie Sergieve public. It is unclear if he is gay or not. He is not openly homosexual, but he is not a secret.

Public and Private Relationship 

Although Drew Lynch has not been married, he has been romantically linked to a number of women. In 2011, he dated an unnamed girl. This girl reportedly worked three jobs to support him after his softball accident. The two broke up, and Drew Lynch made his relationship with Melanie Sergieve public in 2018. Whether or not Lynch is gay is a matter of opinion and what makes a man happy.

Huge Fan Following 

It is unclear if Drew Lynch is gay. While he has been linked to several women over the years, he has not been married. His YouTube channel has almost 140 million subscribers, and videos of his stand-up comedy have been uploaded on his channel. If he’s not gay, then he’s not a very good candidate for marriage.

Rumors about his Sexuality 

Drew Lynch is not married. He dated an unnamed girl in 2011, but the pair broke up shortly afterward. In 2015, he made his relationship with Melanie Sergieve public. The two have been dating since 2018. The two have been seen together in several television shows and on various online sites. There are many rumors about their sexuality. If Drew Lynch is gay, it’s likely that it is a sign that he’s open about it.

Previous Relationship

Despite not being married, Drew Lynch has been romantically linked to several women in the past. His first relationship was with an unnamed girl in 2011 and was a very strong bond. The two then broke up after the girl had an accident, but Lynch continued to date the same woman a year later. The relationship was later confirmed as a couple. This is not a confirmed gay or lesbian, but it’s very possible that the two are not dating.


In the summer of 2017, Drew Lynch starred on America’s Got Talent. In the competition, he won second place, but was eliminated in the preliminary rounds. His tv show gained him millions of subscribers and his YouTube channel became one of the most popular on YouTube. But is Drew Lynch gay? Is he gay? The answer to these questions is not yet clear. But we can guess that he’s gay.

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