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is Laurie Metcalf Gay?


Is Laurie Metcalf gay? This is a question that fans have asked for many years. Although she is openly bisexual, she does have a history of sexuality. She has been outed several times, and her past relationships with men have also led some to question her sexuality. But, she does not appear to be lesbian. She is straight, and has never been in love.

Early Working 

Is Laurie Metcalf gay? Her past relationships have raised several questions. The ‘yes’/’no’ debate has led to some people’s doubts about her sexuality. In her early years, she worked as a secretary and studied anthropology. She later won a Tony Award for her performance in ‘Lady Bird’, which was also a critical success. Despite this, she also became a popular actress, starring in commercials for Plan USA, a non-profit organization that helps children around the world.

Upcoming New Show

Laurie Metcalf is a public figure, and many people wonder if she is gay. In an interview with Chris Azzopardi, the actress discussed her upcoming new show, ‘The McCarthys’. Her son is openly gay, and the series also features a lesbian kiss. She talked about her lip-lock with the stage icon, Betty White. Despite the sexual orientation of her husband, she claims to be gay.

Married Twice

Metcalf is married twice. In 1983, she was married to Jeff Perry, a co-founder of the Steppenwolf Theater Company. They were together for nine years, and their daughter, Zoe, is a famous actress. Both Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry are 5ft. While she is not a homosexual, she is bisexual. The former is the father of one son. And in 2010, she was engaged to Matt Roth.

Second Marriage 

Metcalf’s second marriage was held . Her first marriage to Jeff Perry ended in divorce, and in 1986, she married Matt Roth. The couple had two children, Will and Donovan, and a daughter named Mae Akins. They later separated, and she has never been married again. She is now 66 years old and weighs 57 kg. She is not gay, but she does live a happy and healthy life.

Two Children

In addition to being married twice, Laurie Metcalf has two children. Her first marriage to Jeff Perry ended in divorce. She has two daughters, Mae Akins and Will. The second marriage ended in a divorce, and her son, Donovan, was adopted. Both Matt Roth and Laurie Metcalf filed for divorce in 2014. However, she does not look gay. She has an ex-husband, and she is not openly gay.


Laurie Metcalf is a vocal actress. She lent her voice to the character Mrs. Davis in Toy Story. In the same franchise, she was nominated for an Academy Award. In addition to her films, Laurie Metcalf has a net worth of eight million dollars. If Laurie is not gay, she is straight. There are no reports that she is gay. It is still up to you to decide if she is.


In addition to being a lesbian, Laurie Metcalf is also gay. Her first marriage to Matt Roth was in 1983. Their two kids are named Will and Zoe. She has a daughter, Mae, through a surrogate. Her last marriage to Jeff Perry was in 1993. The two have a son, Donovan. They are not the only parents of her children.

Famous TV Star

Aside from her acting career, Laurie Metcalf is a famous TV star. She has appeared in a wide variety of television shows, including Roseanne, which won three Primetime Emmy Awards. The actor has also appeared in numerous movies. She is currently married to Chris Azzopardi, a former TV host. This is a perfect match for the actress’s chemistry with the writer.


While Laurie Metcalf is not openly gay, her relationships with other actors are often considered to be heterosexual. Her first marriage was to Matt Roth, which is a man who she is currently dating. The marriage was in 2005. It was a good choice. But she is not gay. So, is Laurie Metcalf a lesbian? And is she gay? She is an outspoken actress.

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