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Leah Marlene is a twenty-year-old Canadian singer, artist, and producer. She was born in Toronto and later moved to Illinois with her family. She has always been surrounded by music and began singing as a child. Her voice is unique and she has written songs in several genres.

Never Commented on Rumors

While there have been rumors that Leah Marlene is gay, she has never commented on the matter publicly. Instead, she has been focusing on her music career and her fight for the idol title. As of 2022, she has an estimated net worth of $80-$100 thousand. Her income comes from various sources, including her singing career and local events.

Unrevealed Partner Status

While Marlene’s sexuality has not been revealed, she has expressed interest in men. She has been spotted with singer Fritz Hager on social media but did not reveal whether she’s gay. However, she and Hager have maintained a close friendship. Marlene has referred to Fritz as her “sibling from another mother.”

Engaging Voice 

Leah Marlene attended Normal Community High School and later enrolled at Belmont University. She has an engaging voice and a unique songwriting style that can appeal to a wide audience. She got her start performing at events such as the Sugar Creek Arts Festival and the Sweet Corn Circus. Until now, her boyfriend has not been revealed, but the singer is single.

No Public Relationship

American Idol contestants often have their own relationships, and Leah Marlene is no exception. She has revealed on her Instagram account that she considers Fritz Hager her “alternate mother’s brother”. Whether the two are dating or not is unclear, but Leah hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship with him.

American Idol

Leah Marlene is a twenty-year-old singer and songwriter. Her career largely owes a great deal to the popularity of American Idol. Her appearance on the show has been a major part of her life. Leah is currently in the Final Ten of the competition.

Fan’s Favourite 

She is a fan favorite on American Idol, but she’s still trying to find her niche in the music business. Her voice has inspired countless people, and we wish her success in her career. She deserves it. It is clear that she is a talented artist with a bright future.


Leah Marlene’s physical stats are quite impressive. She is five feet four inches tall and weighs 55 kilograms. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a US shoe size seven. The actress has an interesting sense of humor and enjoys sports. However, she’s not open about her romantic life.

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