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Ja Morant Is a High-Octane Player With an Impressive Wingspanspan

Ja Morant is a high-octane player with NBA-ready size and athleticism. He also possesses a unique tool set that allows him to be a dynamic playmaker in the open court.

His passing ability helps him break down defenses and put teammates in position to score. As a result, his assist numbers should be able to climb as he gets more comfortable with the NBA offense.


Ja Morant is a young basketball star who is quickly making a name for himself in the NBA. He is known for his impressive skill set, winning attitude, and explosive athleticism.

A ja morant wingspan is an important measure for point guards because it gives them an advantage on defense and in getting to the rim. It also helps them maintain an accurate shot.

Having a long wingspan makes it easier for them to get to the basket and shoot from various angles. It can also help them block shots and dunk with authority.

Morant is 6’3’’ (1.9 m) tall, weighing 174 pounds, and has a wingspan of 6’7’’ (2.01 m). He also has a 44” vertical leap which is impressive.

Leaping ability

Ja Morant has an impressive wingspan, which gives him an edge over other players when it comes to jump shots. He can dunk over defenders who are a foot taller than him, which makes his game more exciting to watch.

He also has an incredible vertical leap, which allows him to soar above defenders and score points on the floor. This vertical leap is vital for a player’s success in the NBA, as it provides him with an advantage on both ends of the court.

A vertical leap starts with flexion, which involves bending the knees and ankles to decrease the angle between two limbs. It then continues with extension, which involves removing the legs from the crouch to send force downward into the floor.

Hand size

Morant is a very athletic player, and one of his most impressive attributes is the size of his hands. He’s a runner with great speed and the ability to create space for himself on the floor.

He also has a great basketball IQ and can hit the open man with ease. That’s a major reason why the Memphis Grizzlies selected him in the top 2 of the draft.

But he also needs to work on his jump shot and improve his efficiency. He shot 34% from three this season, and he’s still developing his range.

If he can get his shooting mechanics right, he could become a very efficient NBA scorer. However, he’ll need to work on his body and frame so he can handle the physical demands of the league.


Ja Morant has an impressive wingspan for a player of his height. His 6’7” wingspan is longer than his listed height of 6’3”, which gives him an advantage on the court.

His long wingspan is a big reason why Ja Morant is able to finish at the rim. He also has a great ability to disrupt passing lanes on defense.

The Memphis Grizzlies point guard is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA. His combination of speed, explosiveness, and basketball IQ makes him an excellent option for teams.

He can fill up highlight reels with soaring dunks, but Morant is going to need to work on taking contact and finishing at the rim in the NBA. He currently has a slight frame, and he should add some muscle to improve his finishing abilities.

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