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Jeanette Biedermann: The singer’s fortune

How rich is Jeanette Biedermann?

All fans of the successful format “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” (GZSZ) will know Jeanette Biedermann. The actress has long since left this show. In the meantime she is mainly on the road as a singer, for example on the TV series “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”. On the album for the season in the first half of 2019, the artist is represented with six songs. Certainly the money washes into their coffers, too, whereby the previous fortune of the TV star is already considerable. The cherished Jeanette Biedermann’s assets are 5.5 million euros.

Career as an actress

Income from Jeanette Biedermann
In addition to her salary at GZSZ, the actress also earned very well on “Anna und die Liebe”. she should have pocketed up to 5,000 euros per episode. With almost 700 episodes, her fortune is almost self-explanatory. Her collection with the jeans label “Jeans Fritz” has also contributed to her current prosperity. Jeanette is not only after the love of money, as her Federal Cross of Merit, one of the highest awards in the Federal Republic of Germany, shows. The former soap start has been involved with the German Red Cross for more than a decade. She was honored with this cross for this commitment.

The artist has also received numerous awards for her work as a TV actress and singer. She was allowed to take home the ECHO Pop twice, while she even won the Bravo Otto eight times. From the 1 Live Krone to the Golden Camera and the Radio Regenbogen Award, a wide variety of juries have given due recognition to this woman’s talent. Even the German Soap Award went into her collection in 2011 in the category “Best Actress Telenovela”.

From the life of a multi-talented artist

Jeanette Biedermann has not only appeared in numerous series productions. She was also allowed to take part in films such as “Tatort: ​​Smoldering Fire” or “Rosamunde Pilcher”. In the Rosamunde Pilcher production, Jeanette even had the great honor of appearing as a ghostwriter. After her last solo album was released in 2009, the passionate Since her appearance on “Sing mein Song”, the singer has concentrated on her music again. In the sixth season of 2019, Jeanette Biedermann was with Michael Patrick Kelly, Wincent Weiss, Johannes Oerding, Milow, Álvaro Soler and Jennifer haben at Sing my song. Her most successful album to date was released in 2003 under the name “Break On Through”. With that she made it to sixth place in the German charts.

Jeanette Biedermann and the love of music

Jeanette Biedermann's fortune
The love of music also plays a not unimportant role in her private life. After all, she has Artist married her guitarist in 2012 in his hometown. The musically gifted couple has not yet had any children. But the couple were already standing together on a stage. Together with her husband and the bassist Christian Bömkes, Jeanette Biedermann founded the band “Ewig”. Their first single, called “One Step”, was released in 2012. This band no longer exists since 2019 because their front woman has again taken a solo course.

Her two singles, released in April and May 2019, are not only released in German, but also show slight hip-hop notes. So this singer doesn’t shy away from constantly reinventing herself musically and experimenting with different styles. Since autumn 2013, Jeanette Biedermann has repeatedly dared to experiment on stage as a theater actress. With so many talents, the millionaire fortune is no surprise.

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