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Jens Hilbert: The entrepreneur’s Net Worth

8thMillion Euros
Date of birth February 14, 1978 (age 42)
Born in Otzberg, Odenwald, Germany
Nationality Germany
Marital status is in a relationship with Ulrich Schuhmacher
Job Entrepreneur, reality TV star, book author
Chief Executive Officer hairfree GmbH

How much money does Jens Hilbert have?

Jens Hilbert is just different. This used to make the entrepreneur an outsider who was bullied for his homosexuality. In the meantime, Jens Hilbert has capitalized on his otherness, for example, with “Celebrity Big Brother”. The entrepreneur is said to have a fortune in the millions. It is also good to live as a supposed outsider with such a financial cushion, especially since the book author has long since found his private love happiness. Jens Hilbert’s estimated net worth is $ 8 million.

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Jens Hilbert as managing director at hairfree GmbH

The reality TV star grew up in Odenwald. While his parents worked in the solarium industry, the son first completed an apprenticeship as a banker. This was followed by a degree in business administration. To finance his degree in business administration, Jens Hilbert temporarily worked as a waiter. In 2005 the step into self-employment followed. Jens Hilbert became a Haifree franchisee and opened his first shop in the elegant Westend of Frankfurt.

The institute, which specializes in hair removal, quickly became so successful under Hilbert’s leadership that other locations in Darmstadt, Rüsselsheim, and Michelstadt followed. The entrepreneur baked his bread rolls as a franchisee until 2008, before moving to its management. Hilbert is managing director of hairfree GmbH together with Chris Kettern . This shows that the top management of Jens Hilbert recognized entrepreneurial talent. In 2015, the now wealthy entrepreneur was seen on “Secret Millionaire,” a real-life documentary. However, this should not be his last foray into television.

A successful TV career

Even before his appearance on “Secret Millionaire,” Jens Hilbert appeared on Catwalk 30+ on TV. With this TLC format, the entrepreneur was allowed to count himself on the jury. The aspiring author knew how to use this platform for himself. After all, his television appearances brought him additional publicity for his book “The World Belongs to the Brave: The Guide to Extraordinary Careers.” In 2015 Hilbert was allowed to participate in “Celebrity Shopping Queen” (moderation: Guido Maria Kretschmer ). Rather, he was also seen this year on “Punkt 12” on RTL.

Participation in Celebrity Big Brother & Co.

Another Punkt 12 appearance followed in 2016. “Galileo” also reported on the eccentric entrepreneur this year. The ProSieben show was about the everyday life of German millionaires in particular. As a TV candidate in these various shows, Jens Hilbert became known and also popular. Jens Hilbert did not keep his wealth behind the mountain in the media either. 2017 was another successful TV year for this man. In August 2017, he not only took part in the “NDR Talk Show.” His participation in “Celebrity Big Brother” could not have been more successful either. After all, the entrepreneur won in the fifth season of the format. He donated his fee from Celebrity Big Brother of 77,777 euros to the aid organization “Ein Herz für Kinder.”

In 2018, Sat.1 broadcast. A report on the millionaire. Hilbert was then seen in the format “Promis Privat – Mein (almost) perfect life.” Even if many television viewers would describe this man as shrill, he thinks he is quite normal – even when he is wearing a flashy floral suit. Jens Hilbert also feels extremely rich not only financially but also in other areas of his life. The entrepreneur does not mind that Hilbert is repeatedly photographed and spoken to because he is noticeable. Because he knows that this publicity also tends to be good for his career. Jens Hilbert expressly does not shy away from celebrities or status.


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