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YouTuber Steve Wallis Loses His Wife Jessica Audrey

YouTuber Steve Wallis has recently announced that he lost his wife Jessica Audrey. He said that she died in her sleep last Saturday night.

Her death was a huge shock for the YouTuber. This came within a month of their fifth wedding anniversary.

She was married to Steve Wallis

The Canadian social media influencer Steve Wallis revealed that he lost his wife Jess on Saturday night. He shared the sad news with a video on his YouTube channel and delivered it with a trembling voice.

Her death has sparked a lot of debate on social media and people are wondering what could have caused her to die so suddenly. Some speculate that she might have had health problems in the past, or that she died of an accident while sleeping.

She appeared on Steve’s films and live streams from time to time, even though she was a teacher in the public school system. She used to live a secluded life, but she always looked incredibly content with her husband.

Steve started his YouTube channel back in 2010, and the channel focuses on boondocking, urban stealth, gold panning, bushcraft, and yard camping. He also posts a lot of videos about camping in freezing weather, building campers, and demonstrating DIY projects.

She was a teacher

When Steve Wallis was homeless, he met Jessica Audrey who assisted him in starting a business and leaving the streets for good. She was also an advocate for the less fortunate and helped him and his daughters create small hampers full of clothing, toiletries, and other necessities to give out to people on the street or in shelters.

She was a teacher by trade and a big proponent of the art of stealth camping. She was a very private person, which made her appearance on Steve’s live stream a bit of a surprise to his followers.

She passed away in her sleep last Saturday, and her exact cause of death has not been disclosed to the public. However, there are many theories abound about her passing including jealousy, financial gain and an accident. The most likely explanation is that she died of an unexpected cardiac arrest. The fact that she was asleep at the time of her passing is a sign that she was very sick prior to her passing.

She was a mother

Steve and Jessica were married for several years before her tragic passing. She was a devoted wife and mother who was also an avid YouTuber. She regularly made appearances on Steve’s films and live streams despite the fact that she worked as a teacher in a public school system.

The cause of her untimely demise has not yet been fully revealed, but it is suspected that she died from a heart attack or an aneurysm. In her honor, Steve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons she was special to him and posted them in his blog.

She was also a supporter of the less fortunate, and frequently donated to homeless shelters and food banks. It was not uncommon to see small hampers full of toiletries and clothing floating around her vehicle. In addition, she was a proud owner of a pampered cat. The best part about her life was that she had many friends, and she loved spending time with them.

She was a YouTuber

She was a wife of a Canadian YouTuber named Steve Wallis. She was a school teacher by profession and was also a mother of two daughters, Ella and Cali.

She was married to the YouTuber for several years and they were often seen together on his videos. She did not like being filmed though and used to live a secluded life.

On August 25, 2022, she passed away in her sleep. The YouTuber, Steve Wallis, posted a video on his social media account to announce her death.

He described her as a loving and caring wife. He said that she was the reason for all his happiness and he was extremely saddened by her passing.

He shared a heartbreaking video on his YouTube channel and announced her passing in the video titled “Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife.” As of now, it has garnered more than 1.2 million views. He also expressed his sadness and asked people to donate to a food bank or shelter in Jess’s memory.

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