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The death of Jewell Caples was a shock to many. Not only was she an iconic Death Row singer, but she was also married to the businessman Michael Caples. Following her passing in December, many fans began searching for news on her death and the circumstances of her death. Here are some things you should know about her.

Curious Fans

As the wife of a well-known personality, Jewell Caples has generated a great deal of interest on social media. Fans want to learn more about her family, her net worth, her income, and her professional life. There are several sources online that can help you with this. If you want to learn more about Jewell, you can check out her wiki.

First Song

Although Jewell Caples has not revealed the name of her husband, she has shared that her son is named Jawaun Curtis. The musician released his first single “Tissue Boy” on January 16, 2021, and it has gained over 63 thousand listens on Spotify. He was involved in several sports during his teenage years, including track and cheerleading. He went on to study communications at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Unexpected Death

At the time of her death, Jewell Caples had a net worth of $3 million. The singer was also referred to as the “First Lady” of Death Row Records. Her death shocked many people, as her death was sudden and unexpected. While the cause of her death is not yet known, her death has been confirmed by her manager Timothy Beal.


Jewell Caples was born on 15 June 1968 in Inglewood, California. Her parents were stay-at-home mothers and her father was a mechanic. She was shy as a child, but loved to sing. At the age of five, her family moved to Carson, California where she started writing songs. Her mother was African-American and her father was Native American.

Famous Song 

According to her Wikipedia biography, Jewell Caples died of a mysterious illness. The cause of death has not been released, but many fans have expressed their sorrow and grief. Jewell Caples was one of the most famous Death Row singers and was involved in a number of other projects. Her most famous song was “Woman to Woman”, which reached the top 100 on the Billboard charts in 1995.

Shocked Fans

She worked on the Death Row Records label, releasing numerous hit records over the years. She was only 54 years old when she passed. Her death has shocked her fans. The family has not released any statement about her death.


In addition to the music industry, Jewell Caples has worked in the movie industry. She is a singer and has recorded a number of music videos. Her latest album, “Afraid of the Dark,” is her third studio album. During her solo career, she has released five studio albums and topped the Billboard charts. In addition to her solo work, she also collaborated with 2Pac.

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