Joanne Cervelli Net Worth Revealed


The net worth of Joanne Cervelli has recently been revealed, and the details of her marriage to William Smith are quite shocking. Although the couple had been married for 31 years, Smith had been ill for some time, and he died on 5 July 2021. Joanne was an artist, and she was  married to an actor who also made films. However, it turns out that he was not rich, and that his net worth is much lower than rumored.

Husband Career

Joanne Cervelli, wife of William Smith, American actor. In a Hollywood career of more than 75 years, he starred in nearly three hundred feature films and television productions in a wide variety of character roles, best known for his role as the menacing Anthony Falconetti in the 1970s television miniseries Rich Man.

Other than Acting

In addition to his acting career, Smith joined the Air Force in 1951 during the Korean War and was drafted into the National Security Agency for being fluent in multiple languages. According to a statement shared by his wife, he flew undercover missions over the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries.


The actress has a busy career, and her net worth is at least $2 million USD. She earns money from her work in television shows and from her remodel projects. Her husband was an actor, and she has two children with him. She has a small business .


Joanne Cervelli was born on July 3, 1929 in New York. She married William Smith, a retired engineer, in 1989. The couple has two children, a son named William E. Smith III and a daughter named Sherri Anne Cervelli. Her net worth is much lower than her husband’s. Regardless of her income, her net worth is certainly impressive.


She has appeared in several movies, including the 2004 film “Going the Distance.” She has a family of two children. She shares her life with one daughter and a son. She has received several awards, including the ALMA Award and Teen Choice Award. A spokesperson for Joanne Cervelli confirmed her husband’s death to USA TODAY. If you’re wondering how much Joanne Cervelli is worth, you can click through the link below to find out.

William Smith Popularity 

William Smith was a popular actor who starred in several movies. He was married to Joanne Cervelli in 1989.He died on July 5th, 2021. His wife confirmed the actor’s death, but she did not reveal the cause of his death. Smith had been married to Cervelli for 35 years. They were together for a long time and had two children, including the beloved “Any Which Way You Can” movie and the first season of Hawaii Five-O.


Joanne Cervelli’s net worth has grown from her career as a TV host, actress, and social media model. The actress had a long and successful career as an actress, author, and presenter. Her net worth rose when she married William Smith. This relationship also fueled her net worth, but she declined to disclose his cause of death.

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