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Joey Diaz net worth is a funny person from Cuba and America. He tells jokes and acts in movies. He also has his own show where he talks to people. He has a lot of money, around $1.5 million, as of June 2023. He earns most of his money from his job as a comedian who performs on stage. Besides that, he also makes money by recording and sharing his own podcasts, inviting people to subscribe to his newsletter, and selling things on his website.

Joey Diaz Early Life

Jose Antonio Diaz was born on February 19, 1963, in Havana, Cuba.

His family moved to America and made a home in New Jersey. His mom had a job at a bar. Diaz went to the McKinley School and then he went to North Bergen High School.

Joey Diaz net worth had a very sad childhood, and he lost his dad when he was only three. A few years later, when he was 15 years old, his mother was discovered deceased on the ground.

Joey Diaz Education

Joey Diaz net worth howed his commitment to education by completing his studies at North Bergen High School. The things he learned while in school definitely impacted the way he acts out different characters in movies and shows.

North Bergen High School was really important in Joey Diaz’s early life. The base that was established during this period has always been helpful in guiding his career.

Joey Diaz net worth went to the University of Colorado Boulder while he was in college to learn more things. The things he learned and the experiences he had while here have been extremely valuable in helping him achieve success.

Joey Diaz Prison Time

In 1988, Joey Diaz net worth was given a punishment of four years in jail for taking someone by force and stealing from them. While in prison, he made his fellow prisoners laugh by doing stand-up comedy. This made him want to pursue a career in stand-up comedy even more. Diaz got out of jail after being there for 16 months.

Joey Diaz Stand-up Comedy Career

After learning how to do stand-up comedy, Diaz performed for the first time as a professional comedian at the Comedy Works in Denver, Colorado, in June of 1991. At that time, he was still dealing with a serious addiction to cocaine. This caused a huge disaster during a performance in 1992. Diaz later promised to not use the substance before performances. He kept improving his performance and won a couple of comedy competitions for beginners. In 1995, Diaz moved to Los Angeles to advance his career. He had continued success in the following years and put out several comedy shows.

Television Career

Joey Diaz net worth started working on TV in the year 2000 when he appeared on a comedy show called “ComicView”. After that, he got acting roles on other TV shows like “18 Wheels of Justice” and “Mad TV”. Since then, he has appeared on many other shows like “NYPD Blue”, “ER”, “Cold Case”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “How I Met Your Mother”, and “Everybody Hates Chris”. One of his bigger roles was in a sitcom called “My Name is Earl” where he played a prisoner named Joey in 2007. At the end of the 2000s, he had a role in a Christmas movie on ABC Family called “The Dog Who Saved Christmas”.

In 2011, Diaz was on two TV shows called “Supah Ninjas” and “The Mentalist.Afterwards, he appeared on several other TV shows as a special guest, such as “Kickin’ It,” “Childrens Hospital,” “Partners,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “TripTank,” “Maron,” and “Superior Donuts. ” In 2020, Diaz joined the cast of a show called “The Midnight Gospel” on Netflix. The show also features well-known actors doing the voices.

Joey Diaz Film Career

In the late 90s, Joey Diaz net worth started to act. He began acting in movies in 1998, appearing as a referee in a funny sports movie called “BASEketball”. After that, he was in two more movies in 2002 and one more the next year.In 2004, he was in two big Hollywood movies. He continued acting in different movies after that.

Joey Diaz net worth started acting in the 2010s and was in movies like “Stacy’s Mom,” “Sinatra Club,” and “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.”In 2013, he acted as the coach of a character portrayed by Robert De Niro in the boxing comedy called ‘Grudge Match’. ” Diaz also acted in a boxing movie called “The Bronx Bull” in 2016. It was about a well-known boxing champion named Jake LaMotta. In the same year, Diaz was in a movie called “Rules Don’t Apply” where he played a bad guy. He took a break from acting for five years but came back in 2021 to be in a crime drama called “The Many Saints of Newark.This movie is like a story that happens before a TV show called “The Sopranos. ” In the movie, he plays a character named Buddha.

Joey Diaz Podcasting

Besides working in movies and television shows, Diaz has also gained popularity in the world of podcasting. In 2010, he started his first podcast called “Beauty and Da Beast” with Felicia Michaels. The podcast was active from the year 2012 until it ended. Diaz went on to make a show called “The Church of What’s Happening Now,” with Lee Syatt as his co-host. He started another podcast called “Uncle Joey’s Joint” in 2020. Aside from doing his own podcasts, Diaz has shown up on “The Joe Rogan Experience” multiple times.

Joey Diaz Personal Life

Joey and Terrie Diaz got married in 2009. They had a baby girl in 2013. Her name is Mercy. 

Joey was previously married and he has a daughter. But their marriage ended in 1991 with a divorce, which resulted in him losing his wife and daughter.

He used to have a strong addiction. Being addicted to cocaine is really not good. After his cat accidentally ate drugs and died, he stopped doing everything in 2007.

Joey Diaz Net worth, Salary, Source of Income

Joey Diaz net worth has done a lot of things to make money and support themselves financially. He has had jobs as a person who opens doors and someone who sells cars. However, he has chosen to focus on comedy and acting for his career now. He has around $1.5 million, which means he’s on his way to becoming more successful in his career and earning even more money.

Joey Diaz Body Height Weight and Measurement 

Joey Diaz net worth is a tall person, measuring 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) He has a strong presence that makes people notice him. He weighs 75 kg (165 lbs) and keeps a healthy and balanced body, which fits well with his acting roles.

Joey Diaz has an average body shape with measurements of 46 inches around his chest, 38 inches around his waist, and 14 inches around his arms. Although he may not look like the typical Hollywood actor, his distinctive appearance makes the diverse characters he portrays on screen feel real and likable.

Joey Diaz has hair that is a mix of salt and pepper colors, which makes him unique. His eyes are a warm shade of brown and show a lot of depth and emotion. These things about his appearance make people really like watching him on TV and movies, and people from all over the world find him interesting.

Joey Diaz wears size 9 shoes. This is a good choice because he is always busy in both his acting career and everyday life.

Joey Diaz on Social Networks

Joey Diaz net worth is popular on Instagram. He has 1.5 million people who follow him. He usually shares pictures of himself, food, and funny events.

On Twitter, Joey has a lot of followers, specifically 738,500 followers. He typically shares pictures of himself in various outfits, pictures with friends, and pictures from different events.


Joey Diaz is a comedian from Cuba who now lives in America.

He is famous for making people laugh on stage, his online talk shows, and his performances in movies and television shows.

His life has been hard and full of different experiences. He has faced sadness, being dependent on harmful things, breaking the law, but also finding a way to change for the better.

Joey Diaz net worth had some health issues, but he was able to overcome them and now he lives a happier and healthier life.

He is a funny and inspiring person who has made a lot of people laugh and has had a positive impact on them through his stories and jokes.

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