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Joey Jones second wife


Joey Jones has been married to a woman named Elise since 2012. The couple met when they were students at the same high school, and they’ve remained close ever since. They are also parents to a son named Pete. Although their relationship is private, they are well known in the military community for their service to their country.

His Career

During the first marriage, the couple’s children shared a home together. Later, they separated. Nevertheless, after their divorce, they stayed close. However, in 2012, they married again. The couple lives in Georgia. Johnny Joey Jones is an analyst for FOX News Media. He also hosts the “Proud American” podcast and presents FOX Nations Outdoors. Jones is also a former Marine Technical Bomber and staff sergeant. He hasn’t revealed anything about his second wife.


Joey Jones is the father of three children. He had two children with his first wife Meg and one son with his second wife. His children from the first marriage are being raised by Jones. However, he won’t divulge much information about his children. It is unclear whether he will divorce his first wife again. However, it appears that the former soldier is committed to moving on in life.

Net Worth

Johnny Joey Jones has a net worth of $6M. He served in the United States Marine Corps for nine years and is currently a contributor for Fox News. He is also a motivational speaker. The former Marine serves as a broadcaster on FOX News and is involved with the production of a podcast called “Proud American.” Despite his rocky marriage, Joey Jones is still very active in the media industry.

Bomb Blast Injury

The former staff sergeant is an outspoken military pundit for Fox News. His wife, Meg Garrison Jones, is the Programs Director for the Boot Campaign, a national military non-profit in Texas. The two live in Newnan, Georgia. Johnny Joey Jones was injured in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. After his leg was amputated, he made it his life’s mission to help the veterans who lost their legs in battle.

Second Wife

Jones’ second wife, Meg Garrison Jones, is an accomplished program director for the Boot Campaign, a national nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas. The organization has received a Platinum rating from Candid magazine and is approved by the Better Business Bureau. Meg is the granddaughter of World War II veteran Lloyd Keith. She is also the daughter of Lieutenant Allan Garrison. The identity of Meg’s mother is unknown.

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