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John Belushi is a well-known American actor, singer, and comedian. He was a regular on NBC’s sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. His energetic and strident persona made him an excellent candidate for the show. He created a series of characters on the show, including Henry Kissinger, Ludwig van Beethoven, and a lot of others. As a result, he amassed a sizable net worth.

The first part of the ‘SNL’ series saw John Belushi assisting friends with their business ventures. The two brothers followed in their footsteps and became successful actors. In 1980, John Belushi appeared in the movie Continental Divide, playing a tough Chicago newspaperman. In 1981, he starred in a series titled Neighbors, along with Dan Aykroyd.

The next phase of Belushi’s life was filled with scandals and controversy. During the 1980s, actress Jane Curtin claimed that John was a misogynist. In 1986, Belushi’s wife, Judy Jacklin, said that the actor would deliberately sabotage women writers to gain a larger audience. Anthrax, a band that had worked with the comedian on Saturday Night Live, penned a song about him on their 1987 album, Among the Living.

As a child, John Belushi was raised in Chicago, Illinois, where he was one of five children with Marian Davenport. He attended Wheaton Community High School. He then attended the College of DuPage, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. In 1998, he married Jenifer Sloan, and they had a son, Robert James. Their marriage ended in divorce, but he later went back to the marriage with her.

After a string of marriages, Belushi became a renowned rock-and-roll star. He was infamous for his drug addiction, and his death in 2004 was the result of an accidental overdose. In addition to his dozens of films, he had starred in television shows, commercials, and a host of major comedies. As a child, he also became the father of two sons.

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Belushi went on to star in several films. He co-starred with Jack Nicholson in ‘The Blues Brothers’ (1979) and was considered for the role of Hunter S. Thompson in Where the Buffalo Roam (1980). Despite a rocky start in his career, his popularity grew as he acted in numerous films. In the 1980s, he reportedly received a $1 million check for his work.

In addition to his TV and movie career, Belushi’s cult comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ won the coveted award for best actor. ‘Saturday Night Live’ was the most successful show in its history, with Belushi earning nearly $50 million in total. After his death, his net worth rose to an impressive $50 million. The actor is known for his memorable roles in ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Animal House.’

John Belushi’s net worth was estimated at $2 million when he died. In 2015, this amount would be roughly equivalent to $5 million after adjusting for inflation. The actor was a popular personality and had a net-worth of $50 million. He played many characters on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and gained a cult following by starring in countless films. The late comedian’s legacy continues to live on, attracting audiences to his stage performances and other projects.

The comedian’s career began with his first SNL appearance. He and fellow comedian Dan Aykroyd were married in 1975. They had a son, Robert James, in 1978. Their marriage lasted only a few years before he was divorced. He had three children, including his brother Jim. Aside from his wife, John Belushi was married to four times in his life. During this time, he dated actress Melissa McCarthy and actress Mary Elizabeth McDonough.

After announcing his retirement from acting, the late comedian had a large amount of money. His widow and children inherited most of his fortune. He is the son of Albanian immigrants and raised in Chicago with his two brothers, Billy and Marian Belushi. His family is an important part of his life, and he was incredibly popular and loved. The actor’s fame spanned the world and earned millions of dollars from his movies and TV.

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