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John Fogerty net worth is a musician from America. He writes songs and sings them. He has a lot of money, around $100 million. We have been watching him sing for almost 60 years. He began working in the 1960s. John Fogerty has achieved success in three different time periods. John Fogerty is still doing well and thriving in the 2020s. John has been successful in almost every decade that he has been working. John is most famous for being the main singer of the old band Creedence Clearwater Revival CCR. In addition to being in a band, he has achieved success on his own as a solo artist.

John Fogerty Early Life

John Fogerty net worth was born in Berkeley, California, and raised in El Cerrito, California. He was the third son in a family of five boys. His parents’ names were Galen Robert and Edith Lucile (Lytle) Fogerty. His dad was born in Iowa and had a job as a Linotype operator for the Berkeley Gazette in California. Lucile Fogerty was a second-grade teacher from a place called Great Falls, Montana. John went to a Catholic school in Berkeley, California called the School of the Madeleine. In his book called Fortunate Son, Fogerty talked about his experiences in school. He said that he was not allowed to use the bathroom when he needed to and often peed on himself. He had to sit in his wet clothes afterward.

After one year, Fogerty started going to a school called Harding Grammar School that was close by. In his book, he wrote about how his mom and dad drank a lot and got divorced when he was in third or fourth grade. Later, he went to St. [school name] Mary went to a school called High School, and then moved to another school called El Cerrito High School. At this new school, he met the people who would later become members of CCR and learned to play the guitar from someone named Barry Olivier. Mary’s older brother Tom was also in the group that eventually became CCR and played the guitar. Fogerty used to spend his summer vacations at Putah Creek, which is close to Winters, California. This place inspired him to write the CCR song “Green River. “

In 1959, when Fogerty was in junior high school, he started a band with Stu Cook and Doug Clifford called the Blue Velvets. The band was influenced by early rock and roll artists, particularly Little Richard and Bo Diddley. After that, Fogerty’s brother Tom became a part of the group. In 1964, the band joined Fantasy Records. Unfortunately, without asking the band, Fantasy Records decided to change their name from the Blue Velvets to The Golliwogs. This group made seven songs that didn’t sell well.

John Fogerty Career

John Fogerty net worth started his music career for real after he left the military. In 1968, his old band decided to call themselves Creedence Clearwater Revival and put out their first album. Their first popular song, “Susie Q,” caused a lot of excitement, and the band had more success with albums like “Bayou Country. ” They too had other well known melodies like “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” “Awful Moon Rising,” “Run Through the Wilderness,” and “Blessed Child.

CCR was put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, but they only stayed together for four years. When the band broke up in 1972, it happened because the members had been arguing for a long time. Fogerty was in the middle of this disagreement because he believed he should have more say in the creative decisions. He felt this way because he was the main singer, guitarist, and songwriter. After Tom left the group in 1971, Fogerty tried to keep the rest of the band members together by giving them the same opportunities to write songs and sing in the band. Their last and final album was called “Mardis Gras. “

After this separation, John Fogerty started a career on his own. Instead of using his real name, he released his first album as a group called “The Blue Ridge Rangers,” even though he was the only person in the group. After that, he released his second solo album called “John Fogerty”. Neither of these albums did very well, and things didn’t get much better with the release of “Hoodoo. “

After taking a break from making music, John came back in 1985 with an album called “Centerfield.” This collection was indeed more well known than his past ones. However, his next album called “Eye of the Zombie” didn’t do very well. Fogerty took a break from music and then came back with a new album called “Blue Moon Swamp” in 1997. It was his most successful album as a solo artist and he won a Grammy award for it.

John Fogerty net worth kept performing concerts for a few more years and released new albums called “Deja Vu All Over Again” and “The Long Road Home. ” Individuals lauded these collections a part, and they were indeed designated for Grammy grants and other respects.

John Fogerty Personal Life

John Fogerty net worth got married to Martha Paiz in 1965 and they had three kids together. They ended their marriage in the 1970s.

Fogerty met Julie Kramer in 1986 when he was on a tour in Indianapolis, Indiana. They got married in Elkhart, Indiana, on April 20, 1991, and had two boys named Shane and Tyler and a girl named Kelsy. Kramer has a daughter named Lyndsay from a past marriage. Currently, in 2020, they live in Thousand Oaks, California.

From 2007 onwards, Shane (who plays the guitar and sings) and Tyler (who only sings) performed in concerts with their dad. His three youngest kids also show up in his YouTube videos.

Fogerty’s granddaughter has been seen in videos on the internet with him.

John Fogerty Age And Height

John Fogerty is currently 77 years old, born on May 28, 1945.

John Fogerty is 1.83 meters tall. 

John Fogerty Nationality 

John Fogerty net worth is a person from America who makes music and writes songs. He was born in a place called Berkeley, California, on May 28, 1945.He has lived most of his life within the Joined together States. A person’s nationality is something that creates their nation glad when they do well in their work. If someone becomes well-known, people will also notice their nationality. This means that it is natural for someone to wonder where their favorite celebrities or stars come from.

John Fogerty Real Estate

In 2008, John bought a property in Beverly Hills for $1.385It was not as big or fancy as what he usually has (especially if you think about his other properties), and it’s obvious that he bought it as an investment. Fogerty made a deal to let someone live in the house, which has a good amount of space measuring 1,920 square feet. At one time, John was letting people live in this house and charging $5,400 each month. In 2015, he decided to make money from his investment by selling the property for $1.475This made him earn almost $100,000 profit, in addition to all the money he made from renting out property.

In 2013, John Fogerty bought a property in Hidden Valley, California for $8.95The property is 22 acres big and has a mansion that is 18,600 square feet in size. The house has nice pecan floors, cozy fireplaces, and a special room to store wine. There is also a big garage for 12 cars, a pool with salt water, and lawns with fountains for decoration. In July 2023, he put this property up for sale for $20 million.

In the summer of 2013, Fogerty and his wife put another house up for sale in Beverly Hills for around $23.5This other property had around 13,000 square feet of space for people to live in. They sold this house after one year to a very rich person who made his money from auto finance and his wife for $18.6

In 2018, Fogerty and his wife bought a house in Encino, California for $6.75They put this big house up for sale in March 2021 for a little less than $9 million. They gave it to Hailee Steinfeld for $8 million. This is what the home looked like in 2016 before the Fogertys did a big renovation that completely changed how the outside of the house looked.

In 2019, John Fogerty net worth received a lot of positive feedback for buying a house in the United States. War veteran means a person who has served in a war as a soldier. He used the money he got from the canceled Woodstock 50 festival to buy a container home for the lucky veteran. These houses are made from recycled shipping containers by a group called The Veterans Village Container Homes. The aim is to offer cheap housing for people and families.


To sum up, John Fogerty’s net worth of $100 million proves how amazingly talented and hardworking he has been as a musician.

His songs still have a strong impact on fans of all ages, and his recent tour shows that he can still captivate audiences.

We hope you had fun learning about John Fogerty, and make sure to read our other articles about celebrities for more exciting stories.

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