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Johnny Dang net worth is a jewelry maker and business person from Vietnam who lives in Houston, Texas. He also has a YouTube channel. He is famous for creating jewelry and teeth accessories for famous hip-hop celebrities and other entertainers. Dang is known for starting a company called Johnny Dang and Co. , which sells special jewelry.

Johnny Dang Early Life

Johnny Dang net worth was previously called Đặng Anh Tuấn. He was born on November 21, 1974, in Đắk Lắk Province while the Vietnam War was happening. His dad and grandpa were both very involved in making and selling jewelry.

When Dang was 15, he and his family moved to the United States to try and have a better life. They would make a home in Houston, Texas, and Dang would start a job fixing jewelry.

In 2002, Dang was working at a small market selling secondhand items when the rapper Paul Wall noticed him. Dang would start a business with Wall because he thought Wall was really good at making grills.

This is the beginning of something amazing, and Dang would become one of the very popular jewelers in the whole world.

Johnny Dang Career

Johnny Dang Net Worth

Johnny Dang net worth began his career in the jewelry industry in Houston, Texas. He started by repairing and designing custom jewelry. In 1999, he started his first store called TV Jewelry. This store focused on making and fixing customized jewelry.

But, Johnny Dang became successful when he began making fancy mouth jewelry called “Grillz” using diamonds and gold. He got famous with rappers and famous people, who began wearing his Grillz in music videos and during performances. As a result, more people wanted to buy his Grillz, which then led him to start his own jewelry company called Johnny Dang & Co.

Johnny Dang & Co. is a business/company. is now a successful jewelry business that focuses on making custom jewelry, fixing jewelry, and creating expensive and high-quality jewelry pieces. The company has collaborated with famous clients like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I, and Warner Bros.

Johnny Dang net worth has become very rich because he is very successful in the jewelry business and has made a lot of money over time. In 2023, it is believed that he has about $20million, which means he is one of the richest jewelry designers in the world.

Johnny Dang Personal Life

Johnny Dang net worth was originally from Vietnam but he came to the United States in 1987. He is married to Jennifer Dang, and they have two kids named Johnny Dang Jr. and Jacy Dang.

There isn’t a lot of information available about Johnny Dang’s personal life because he likes to keep it to himself. He has not shared any information about his family, including his parents, brothers and sisters, or other relatives.

Even though Johnny Dang is successful, he stays humble and down-to-earth. He is famous for working really hard and being dedicated to his job, which has helped him become very successful in the jewelry industry.

Johnny Dang’s Age and Height

Johnny Dang net worth is now 41 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall, which is equal to 1.78 meters.

How much does Johnny Dang make annually?

Johnny Dang The well-known person who creates beautiful jewelry is believed to make around $2 million every year.

Johnny Dang Career and Awards

Johnny Dang net worth began his work in 1996 when he came to the United States and started fixing jewelry. He gained a great deal of knowledge about jewelry, and he later applied that knowledge to achieve success in his life. Dang met the rapper Paul Wall while working at a market. Paul Wall really liked Dang’s custom grills and wanted to work with him. In 2002, they began working together. During that time, Johnny Dang started his own company, Johnny Dang and Co. This became his most significant accomplishment to date.

The company is very well-known among young people because they sell unique jewelry and different types of special objects. Dang was also involved in business with a Vietnamese YouTuber named Khoa Pug, but they ended their partnership in 2021. Dang knows a lot of musicians, and many artists like Gucci Mane, Migos, and Lil Pump have asked him to help with their music recordings again. Dang has also appeared in many music videos and has sung a few parts in songs like Stay Iced Up, and so on.

Inside Johnny Dang’s Luxurious Lifestyle


Having $20 million means you can have a really fancy and comfortable life that most people can only imagine. Johnny Dang is just like everyone else, living a life of luxury and happiness. He has a beautiful big house in Houston and often wears expensive jewelry from his own collection.

Besides being successful financially, Dang stays connected to his Vietnamese roots and always remembers his modest start in life. He uses his influence to help communities in the United States and Vietnam, making a positive difference even beyond the field of custom jewelry.

Johnny Dang Nationality

Johnny Dang net worth is both Vietnamese and American. This means he can freely go back and forth between Vietnam and the United States. He can also work in both countries without any restrictions. This special position also allows him to have a different understanding of both cultures, and he can bring the two communities closer together. Dang’s accomplishments as a jeweler and entrepreneur have also brought attention to the Vietnamese-American community, highlighting the valuable contributions they have made to American society. His dual citizenship allows him to meet and talk to other Vietnamese-Americans and share his experiences and knowledge, which encourages others to do the same.


Johnny Dang net worth is an incredible person who has faced many challenges in his life to achieve all his success. He became very successful because he had a great imagination and came up with the idea to include personalized jewelry and grills in his business. Dang is very well-liked by young people, especially artists and rappers. His jewelry is very appealing to them, and because of that, he has also made a good impression in the music industry.

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