John Textor Net Worth

John Textor has a very substantial net worth. This entrepreneur, who is a member of the Billionaires Club, has been active in investments in various digital technologies. His early career was spent working as the co-chairman of Digital Domain, where he worked on superhit films like Transformers and Real Steel. From there, he went on to become the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, which developed hyper-realistic digital beings for holographic live shows. His latest venture, Crystal Palace, has added to his fortune.

John Textor’s parents are not publicly available on social media. He attended Wesleyan University, Connecticut, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics. As of August 2020, his net worth is estimated to be $748 thousand. His parents are not listed on social media sites, as he is reticent to disclose this information. His wife, Debbie Textor, is also an entrepreneur who has a large Twitter following and 1072 followers on Instagram.

Apart from this, John Textor has made his fortune through a number of business ventures. He is a major shareholder of fuboTV, a sports broadcasting company, and is an active investor in Crystal Palace FC. In the United Kingdom, he owns 10% of Crystal Palace FC. While his net worth is unknown, his investments in Crystal Palace FC and FuboTV have made his net worth look quite impressive.

The majority of his fortune is generated by his investments. He has a significant stake in various companies, including the holographic video company Facebank, which specializes in augmented reality content. He also has several venture capital holdings. The combined net worth of the 400 richest Americans in 2020 is estimated to be $3.2 trillion. In 2017, the net worth of this group of billionaires was $2.7 trillion. So, this businessman’s net worth is a significant part of America’s fortune.

The entrepreneur is a successful businessman who has become a household name in the UK. His latest investment, the purchase of 18% of Crystal Palace for PS90m, has boosted his net worth significantly. The owner of the football club will be able to spend big on players in the summer transfer window. However, the controversial buyout of Benfica was unsuccessful due to lack of information about the deal. As such, it is unclear whether Textor will be able to pass the Premier League test.

Despite his football background, John Textor has made investments in various digital technologies, including the internet and artificial intelligence. He owns around 10% of the company, FuboTV, and has invested in the club. Moreover, he has managed to maintain his family’s privacy and avoided the spotlight through his investment. Despite the massive sums of money, John Textor’s net worth is based on his business acumen.

While it is hard to determine the exact amount of his net worth, the following sources of income suggest that he has a relatively modest income. In 2004, he attempted to buy a quarter-share in Portuguese football club Benfica. He ultimately failed in his bid, but he joined the board of directors. His wife, Debbie, is also a part of his net worth. Textor has a relatively low profile on social media, keeping it as private as possible.