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How much money does Joko Winterscheidt have?

Not only when it comes to the assets of his show business colleague Klaas, but also for Joko Winterscheidt, the estimates of his assets differ widely. In any case, it is certain that Joko is one of the brightest stars in the German entertainment sky. At the same time, the TV audience seems to think he’s a little arrogant. That was the result of a survey from 2014. Joko Winterscheidt is not only active as a television presenter, but also a successful entrepreneur and investor. So Joko Winterscheidt was able to get a valued one Assets of 12 million euros build up.

Merit of Joko Winterscheidt
While the young fans love him, according to the survey, 17.3 percent of all those involved voted for Joko as the most arrogant entertainer only two Germans who were considered even more arrogant TV entertainment personalities. In front of Joko, Harald Schmidt and Stefan Raab took the first and second place. But things are still going so well for Joko that these polls should hardly have bothered him. After all, the entertainer, together with Buddy Klaas, is allowed to moderate one TV format after the other on the regular ProSieben broadcaster and thus keep breaking new records in terms of audience ratings. Maybe Joko Winderscheidt is just making a little arrogance so popular and amusing his fans.

His successes have also already been recognized with the Grimme Prize, so it should be clear that even the critics see something great in Joko Winterscheidt. However, the TV star is not only incredibly funny, but also turns out to be more and more shrewd entrepreneur. This role should bring him an additional fortune and is also a second secure mainstay in addition to his television career. Many believe the star’s middle name is Cornelius. However, this is fictitious. Joko and Klaas revealed the secret in 2016, Joko Winterscheidt’s middle name, Cornelius, was born by the two of them.

How does Joko Winterscheidt earn his money?

Whether at “Circus HalliGalli,” “MTV Home” or “My best enemy,” his TV fees have been pouring in for years considerable fortune in Joko’s coffers. After all, he is one of the leading men in the German TV entertainment business. If you consider that Joko Winterscheidt never finished his training as an advertising clerk and that his application for training as a pilot was anything but successful, the Mönchengladbacher has had an even more impressive, truly steep career.

Joko is also in great demand as an advertising medium. Because his testimonials are worth their weight in gold for many companies, especially with regard to a young target audience. From Renault to a local Sparkasse advertising campaign, all kinds of companies are interested in working with the star. Even for the well-known Joko Winterscheidt has already advertised the fast food chain McDonald’s. Most of all, however, Klaas and Joko have earned most as advertising faces for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

In comparison, Joko’s income as an actor is rather manageable, although it should not be neglected as he is also involved in the productions. In “The Nanny”, for example, the star acted as a hilarious real estate shark. In addition, Joachim Winterscheidt has been able to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur in recent years. Joko also got into that Socks Startup Von Jungfeld and in gin I also invested in wine. He is at the Gin brand Muscatel from Mainz, the company was founded by Pascal Hedrich, a friend of Joko’s.

Joko Winterscheidt invests in startups

Joko is a sunny and happy person, with this strategy he also invests in fresh young companies. He enjoys investing his money in the founders and their young companies. These investments can of course be worthwhile, ideally the startups will grow and Joko can sell his shares at a really profitable price. He prefers to invest in startups whose products he thinks are cool. So he is really convinced of the idea and the company if he likes the product. On the other hand, he has business details explained to him by a friend and thus secures himself. It is also important to Joko that the founders are in a good mood – This is the only way to work well with them. In addition to Lena Gercke, he has also been an integral part of the start-up show “The thing of the year“.

Joko Winterscheidt, for example, got into the sock brand “Von Jungfeld” invested. Joko explained that, as an avowed sock lover, he simply believed in Maria Pentschev and Lucas Pulkert’s young company and was impressed by its rapid success. The company was founded in 2013 and sells its colorful men’s socks in 510 stores in ten countries. “Von Jungfeld” sells stockings in the six-figure range and Joko Winterscheidt holds 6% of the company according to the commercial register.

GoButler, Muscatel Gin and III Friends Wine

Joko Winterscheidt fortune
In the spring of 2015, Joko Winterscheidt participated in the start-up company “GoButler“. This is a modern service that wants to make everyday life easier for registered users by taking on various tasks. For example, you can order flowers and gifts, book trips and flights or have food delivered via SMS. Joko Winterscheidt’s share is a low 4%, but he made a lot of advertising as the face of the company and thus certainly ensured a higher level of awareness. In the meantime it has become known that an idea can be pushed onto the wall by investing millions. Expansion into the USA was simply too expensive and the business model was not mature enough. Joko lost a lot of money in the process.

And not to forget, since Joko Winterscheidt is an avowed alcohol lover, the following investment suited him well: Gin from Muscatel and wine from “III FRIENDS“. He is invested in the wine startup together with Matthias Schweighöfer and the winemaker Juliane Eller.

Joko’s own companies

The production company “Florida TV“, Which, among other things, produces all Joko & Klaas programs. The company “Endemol” holds 51% of “Florida TV”, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf the remaining 49%.

Joko Winterscheidt founded the company a few years ago with his friend Matthias Schweighofer the fashion label “German Garment”. Under this name, the two produced and sold casual streetwear at affordable prices. According to its own information, “German Garment” is currently in the process of reorientation, and the project has probably also failed completely.

With Schweighöfer, Joko has founded another company: Creative Cosmos 15 “CC15”. It is a hybrid of a production company and an advertising agency. The idea of ​​the two behind it is not only to produce, but also to build advertising concepts around it.

social commitment

Despite all of his millions, Joko Winterscheidt also advocates the interests of others. In the “ICHANCE” campaign the entertainer got involved, for example, to promote learning to write and read. It was a collaboration with the Federal Association for Literacy and Basic Education. In August 2015, Joko and Klaas took a very effective and clear position against racism, xenophobia and right-wing ideology.

Because even if the two comedians like to make a joke or two, for example with the invented middle name of Joko (Cornelius), the friends kick too publicly for their values. The YouTube video, which the two put online in August 2015, found very clear words against the right-wing scene. Within a few days, the TV stars were able to reach a huge audience and generate a good 4.5 million clicks. So when Joko and Klaas have something to say, a broad mass of people will hear them.

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