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Joseph Frontiera

Joseph Frontiera is an American artist and designer who gained fame through the reality TV show, Counting Cars. The show features the daily activities of an automobile customization and restoration firm, Count’s Kustoms.

Several years after appearing on the show, Joseph got involved in a controversy. His employer, Count’s Kustoms filed a lawsuit against him for embezzling their company’s money and using it to pay his personal expenses.

Joseph Frontiera Counting Cars

Counting Cars is a reality television show that focuses on a team of mechanics at a restoration shop named Count’s Kustoms. It was aired on the History channel in 2012 and has eight seasons.

Despite the fact that this show primarily revolves around cars and their restorations, the crew is also quite interesting. They seem to be the kind of people that are very passionate about what they do.

Joseph Frontiera is an American auto mechanic who is well-known for appearing on the Counting Cars reality TV show. He has been a regular cast member of the series until 2016.

He is an American citizen and he was born on July 1, 1988. He is a devout Christian and belongs to the White ethnic group.

Joseph Frontiera Count’s Kustoms

Count’s Kustoms is a car restoration and customization business in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is owned by Danny Koker, an American media personality and a musician. The show is a spin-off of Pawn Stars.

The show consists of eight seasons and has been broadcast on History channel since August 2012. Its cast includes Rick Harrison, Mike Henry, Roli Szabo, and Ryan Evans.

According to the Count’s Kustoms lawsuit, Joseph Frontiera embezzled around $75,000 from a company account in 2017 and used it to purchase plane tickets and buy a Range Rover. It was also alleged that he affixes the signature of Danny Koker and Kevin Mack on checks.

Count’s Kustoms sued a hiring company that recommended Frontiera for a position with the custom vehicle shop. They claimed that he had a criminal record of fraud and embezzlement.

Joseph Frontiera RANDSTAD lawsuit

In June 2013, Joseph Frontiera was hired by Count’s Kustoms as their new human resources consultant. However, the company did not disclose that he had a criminal record.

During the course of his employment, he was accused of theft and other offenses. He allegedly stole $3,500 from his previous employer.

He also allegedly took cash and credit cards from the company. He used these to pay for his Range Rover’s bills and private aircraft tickets.

This case became so popular that it was even included on the reality TV show, “Counting Cars.” The controversy spread quickly as people found out about the actor’s crimes.

A RANDSTAD lawsuit was filed against Count’s Kustoms for failing to disclose the criminal records of its employee. Specifically, they sued for failing to provide the document that stated Frontiera was not allowed to manage monetary transactions.

Joseph Frontiera Personal life

Joseph Frontiera

Joseph Frontiera is an American TV personality who gained fame after appearing on the reality show Counting Cars. The show is a spin-off of Pawn Stars, and shows how they restore old vehicles to make them look like new cars.

He is 33 years old and has Cancer as his zodiac sign. Currently, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to his biography, he is a Christian and has an American nationality. Moreover, he is an automobile fan and enjoys watching movies related to automobiles.

However, he did not disclose any information about his parents and siblings and his educational background.

Despite this, he did mention that he was a high school graduate and worked as an auto mechanic before becoming a famous reality TV personality.

In 2013, he joined the cast of a reality television show Counting Cars, which is a spin-off of Pawn stars and tells of the restoration of old vehicles. He appeared alongside cast members such as Danny Koker, Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, Rick Harrison, Mike Henry and Roli Szabo.

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