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Judith Varnado

Judith Varnado – The Mother of Professional Wrestler Sasha Banks

Judith Varnado is a famous American celebrity mother. She is the mother of professional wrestler Sasha Banks.

The celebrity mum was born on January 26, 1992, in Fairfield, California. She is an American national of Afro-American and German descent.

Sadly, her father abandoned the family and did not pay child support for the upbringing of her and her brother Joshua. So, Judith did all that she could to look after them.

Judith Varnado

Judith Varnado’s Net Worth

Judith Varnado is the mother of famous wrestler Sasha Banks. She has an impressive net worth, which she earns from her career as a professional wrestler.

Despite her fame, she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with her family and friends. She and her husband have a happy married life with two kids.

Her daughter, Sasha Banks, is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE. She has won multiple titles and awards in her career.

However, she is not much active on social media and prefers to maintain a low-profile. She is also married to Sarath Ton aka Kid Makeze.

She is a very beautiful and attractive woman who has average height and weight. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Her overall body measurement is estimated to be 34 inches in breast, 25 inches in waist, and 35 inches in hips.

Judith Varnado’s Age

Judith Varnado is an American celebrity mother who is famous for her daughter, Sasha Banks. Her daughter is a well-known professional wrestler who has been crowned the WWE Raw Women’s Champion 5 times and Smackdown Women’s Champion 1 time.

Despite being famous, Judith Varnado remains private about her life and does not disclose any details about her marriage or family. She leads a comfortable and happy life with her husband and two children.

Her daughter, Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, professionally known as Sasha Banks, was born on January 26, 1992 in Fairfield, California. She is the daughter of Reo Varnado and Judith Varnado.

According to her personal biography, she was a housewife before she entered the world of professional wrestling. She is married to Sarath Ton in the year 2016.

During her career, she was crowned the WWE Raw Women’s Champion in 2022. She was also a regular wrestler for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and NJPW’s sister promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom. She was also an actress and a video game character.

Judith Varnado’s Height & Weight

Judith Varnado is an American celebrity mother, who is best known as the mother of Sasha Banks. She is also a professional wrestler, and she has won several titles throughout her career.

During her life, Judith Varnado has accumulated a great fortune, and she enjoys an agreeable lifestyle with her family. She is an American citizen and follows Christianity.

She was born on January 26, 1992, in Fairfield, California. She will be 30 years old in 2022, and she will be married to Kid Makeze’s Sarath Ton.

Her father, Reo Varnado, is an African-American businessman. She is also related to rapper Snoop Dogg, who helped her create her in-ring persona.

She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and she weighs 55 kilograms. Her body measurements include 34 inches in the bust, 25 inches in the waist, and 35 inches in the hips. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Judith Varnado’s Education

Judith Varnado is a hardworking woman who is constantly engaged in some aspect of her life. She is known for her achievements as the mother of Sasha Banks.

She was born in Fairfield, California on January 26, 1992. Her daughter, Sasha Banks, was also born on the same date.

Her age is 30 years as of 2022 and she is not clear about her birth date, parents and siblings. She is of mixed ethnicity and follows Christianity.

Talking about her education, she graduated from a local school in her hometown. However, she hasn’t shared a lot of details about it yet.

She is married to Reo Varnado, a restaurant owner. They have two children together; Sasha Banks and an autistic son. They have a loving relationship with each other and live a happy life.

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