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Julianna Pena is married. While her husband is unknown, it is known that she gave birth to a baby girl, named Issa, in October 2017. Her sexual preference is heterosexual, but her husband is not. Pena and her husband have kept their personal life private. The couple has not been in the spotlight much, and the public is still unaware of their relationship. Julianna Pena husband: Is he a famous actor or a common man?


Julianna Pena is a Venezuelan-American professional mixed martial artist. She is a top contender in the bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Pena, who is the first woman to win “The Ultimate Fighter,” is also the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Her husband, Luis Alejandre, practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He owns the Chicago Fortress Jiu-Jitsu academy, but has not yet disclosed the identity of her husband.

Their Company

After winning the Ultimate Fighter, Julianna Pena’s husband founded a jiu jitsu academy in Chicago. Their logo is a baby gorilla. Once Julianna grows up, she will take over the academy. In addition to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Pena teaches judo and self-defense at Stronghold Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Chicago.

Active Social Media User

Julianna Pena is an active social media user. She has an extensive fan base on Facebook and more than 174k followers on Instagram. She also has a large following on Twitter, but is not active on the TikTok app. She is also active on YouTube. Her husband is a member of numerous social media websites and blogs. Julianna Pena’s social media presence is evident. It is no wonder the actress is active on these sites.

Her Daughter and Sufferings

Although it’s unclear whether he is married to Pena, her daughter Issa is a member of the actor’s extended family. She has always wanted to have a baby, and she waited until the fight with Shevchenko was over to finally get pregnant. After the fight, she called U.F.C. matchmaker Sean Shelby, who was supportive and encouraged her to take the time to have her daughter. She had a baby girl, named Isabella, through an emergency cesarean section. The actress took two years off to raise her daughter, and then she competed in the UFC for five years after she moved to the U.S.

Net Worth

Julianna Pena net worth is estimated to reach $1.3 million by 2022. The UFC has recognized her as a rising star in the MMA industry, and she has already carved a place for herself as a national celebrity. She earned a large portion of her income through her UFC fighting career. She and her husband lead an extravagant lifestyle. She is married to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner named Luis Alejandre.

Is She Again Married?

Pena has been married to two men since 2010. The first marriage was in 2007 and they separated the next year. Since then, Pena has had many children and is engaged to a new husband. The second marriage has been in the works for some time. Pena has also been married to several people, including a man, who has a brother. The couple is also expecting a child together, which is a huge deal for both of them.

Successful Marriage

The couple has a son. They are both Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners and are currently practicing taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Their daughter is also studying martial arts. Their relationship is not public yet, but the two have remained close. The marriage has been a successful one. While Julianna is married to Luis Alejandre, the two are still pursuing their careers.

Her Severe Injury 

Julianna Pena was in the UFC as early as 2008, and in the semifinals she fell to Sarah Moras due to an armbar injury. The fight was suspended between the second and third rounds by a doctor. Julianna Pena then avenged her loss via guillotine choking in the second round. Julianna Pena’s husband practices JIU-JITSU, which he says has helped her in the sport.


Despite being married to a professional mixed martial artist, Pena has also appeared in award-winning MMA documentaries. The award-winning documentary “Fight Life” features many combat sports athletes. The actress was born in Los Angeles, California, to Pamela and Ernie Pena. She is the youngest of their four children. Her older sister, Pamela, is a day/night meteorologist and former KREM 2 reporter.

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