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Karl Geiger (GeigerCars): assets of the entrepreneur

How much money does Karl Geiger have?

Karl Geiger is the managing director and founder of, a company that focuses on US cars. In the 80s he started selling and servicing old car models. His garage is now on Zamdorfer Strasse in Munich. After completing his apprenticeship at Daimler-Benz, the Swabian devoted himself to his passion – the large and heavy American vehicles. The cherished Karl Geiger’s assets are 7 million euros.

Karl Geiger and his origins

Credit to Karl Geiger
Karl Geiger was born in Hasel in the Black Forest in 1959. The car enthusiast completed his school education in the Swabian village with 9,000 inhabitants. Then it went to vocational training at Daimler-Benz. At a young age he decided to found the company. The motor vehicle specialist Spannagel und Geiger moved to the east of Munich early on – the company has remained loyal to the Bavarian capital to this day.

Focus on individual US cars

The Swabian company specialized in US vehicles early on. While in the past the focus was still on German oldies and Italian automobiles, Karl Geiger found his passion for US cars. With his Munich-based company, he was increasingly selling pickups, Corvettes and Co. to German customers. In addition to conventional US cars, more and more customers wanted an individual offer. As a result, operations focused on customizing American vehicles. Business flourished and in 1986 there were already 25 employees working in Karl Geiger’s company.

Setbacks in 1989

One Legal change caused problems in the Geiger company in 1989. The legislator changed the TÜV regulations. From then on, US rims had to be tested again and emissions tests had to be carried out when changes were made to the engine. The new TÜV regulations went so far that the police shut down some vehicles that had been sold and the company was no longer allowed to install any vehicle parts without a TÜV certificate. Nevertheless, the company managed the difficult phase – at that time the Geiger team was selling around 100 vehicles per year.

Paint shop, tuning and development

Karl Geiger's income
But for Karl Geiger, installing spare parts and selling US cars was not enough. In 1990 the company expanded its own range to include painting, tuning and the development of vehicles. The GMC Typhoon was the fastest off-road vehicle available at the time. The maximum speed of the 4 × 4 was 275 km / h. Over 150 imported vehicles per year made it necessary to expand the business premises in the east of Munich. The number of imported and sold vehicles quickly rose to over 180. Karl Geiger’s company established itself through a service contract with the automaker General Motors.

Millennium and public attention

At the turn of the millennium, the GeigerCars company enjoyed increasing popularity. The website gained increasing attention. In addition, the entire operation was ISO-certified and organizationally divided into the areas of sales and workshop as well as tuning. Karl Geiger took over the sale of new cars, while his wife Barbara concentrated on tuning Geiger Performance. The company manufactured the world’s fastest Hummer off-road vehicle for Pro7. Thousands of people enjoyed unique US cars at the Hummer World Run in Munich.

DMAX series with Karl Geiger

on DMAX is the series The violinist: Boss of Big Blocks to see. In the various episodes, Karl Geiger and his team transform standard cars into unique vehicles. Tuning and conversion at its finest are the order of the day at DMAX takes a look behind the scenes and provides insights into the world of the German car tuner GeigerCars.

Relocation to Zamdorfer Straße

A decisive step was taken for the company in December 2010. GeigerCars moved to Zamdorfer Strasse in Munich. On the The company can operate in an even more customer-friendly manner over a plot of land measuring over 4,000 square meters. In addition, the technical prerequisites exist to set standards in tuning in the future and to increase Karl Geiger’s assets. With a block-type thermal power station and LED lighting, GeigerCars is positioning itself in a contemporary way with regard to sustainability.

Private vehicle jeep

Karl Geiger himself likes to say in interviews that he only drives a jeep. On demand However, he reveals that his Jeep is tuned and has 720 hp. This means that hardly any other car can hold a candle to the jeep on the local motorway.

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