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Katie Feeney and Sean Yamada are a celebrity couple, but they don’t make much of a fuss about their relationship. The pair met when Katie was just four years old and have been friends ever since. Despite their relationship’s secretive nature, they’ve shared a few pictures together, and their relationship seems to be going strong. They are not even publically posting pictures on Instagram, which would indicate that their relationship isn’t over.

Is Relationship Rumored?

In 2017, Feeney was linked to fellow Tiktok star Sean Yamada. The two started dating while they were in high school. Since the introduction of social media, Feeney and Yamada have been spotted together on Instagram. The couple is also thought to enjoy traveling together. Until now, few details about their relationship have been revealed, but it is rumored that they’ve been dating for some time.

Seen on Social Media Sites

Feeney and Yamada were dating for several years and haven’t revealed how they met. The two have been seen on Feeney’s various social media channels, but the couple hasn’t commented on the rumors about wedding plans. The couple met in high school and are still together even though she is now in college.

Strong Relationship

Although Sean and Feeney studied in separate universities, they still made time to visit each other. Although they live far apart, the couple’s relationship is still going strong, and there’s no sign of a breakup in the near future. If the two continue to be friends, there’s no reason to think that the couple won’t stay together. They’ve shared a lot of fun together and have been spotted at various social gatherings.


Feeney’s parents are American, and Katie was born on August 16, 2002. Her zodiac sign is Leo, and her father is a successful businessman. Feeney began dancing at a very young age and competed in dance competitions. However, her parents have kept their identities private.

Facts about Katie Feeney

Feeney is a very fun-loving person and likes to travel. She spends a considerable part of her earnings on vacations. She also has a large social media following. She has two dogs at home, named Maggie and Tess. They are featured in her TikTok videos.

Member of Generation Z

Feeney is also a member of Generation Z, which consists of passionate, open-minded people. They use social media and other methods to meet and date, but they do not want to commit to long-term relationships. While this generation is less concerned with marriage, it is still common for people to form relationships based on similar traits.

Friends or Dating!

While Feeney has been single for quite some time, her love life is still going strong. The TikTok star posted a photo of her with baseball player Jack Hurley on June 20. The couple received many positive comments about their relationship, but some expressed concerns about Feeney’s close relationship with Sean. The relationship was said to have started as friends, and many rumors have circulated since then. It’s not clear who the two friends are dating, but the two are close and are enjoying each other’s company.

Fan Following 

Feeney has an incredible fan following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. She has over 835K followers on TikTok and over two million subscribers on YouTube. Feeney has also been an ambassador for Dance Hope Cure. In 2015, she helped raise awareness for cancer by collaborating with choreographer Molly Long at an Abby Lee dance camp. She has also worked as a model for several clothing companies.

Net Worth 

While her net worth has yet to be determined, Katie Feeney has made a healthy sum during her professional life. While she has not disclosed her salary or exact net worth, many online resources estimate that she makes an average of $39,000 a year and is paid $20 an hour. She earns a good amount through endorsements, advertisements, and sponsorships.


Feeney has found success as an internet influencer, and her popularity continues to grow. She plans to create her own podcast and talk show one day. She also hopes to create a line of products. But until then, she’s content-driven. So far, she has a huge fan base. If she ever meets a boyfriend, she’ll probably want to take her to a movie or out for ice cream.


While Katie Feeney and her boyfriend are in a serious relationship, they haven’t disclosed their income, and the two aren’t married yet. But there’s no reason to get worried. Katie Feeney is one of the most famous social media stars in the world. She has a very stable career, and has a sizable net worth.

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