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Kevin Surratt Jr. is the son of the famous singer Traci Braxton. They met in 1993 and dated for a few years. In 1998, they got married. The couple has two children. However, they have faced many problems in the past. This article will give you some basic information about the family and about Kevin Surratt Jr. and his wife. As for his personal life, Kevin Surratt Jr. keeps a low profile about it.

Kevin Surratt Jr. is the son of the singer Traci Braxton and the famous actor Kevin Surratt. They were best friends before they started dating and got married in August 1996. His social media accounts show his loving side as a parent. Their first child was named Kevin Surratt Jr. He also has a three-year-old son named Kevin Surratt III. His son is also his inspiration for raising a family. The famous star is a huge fan of football and is a huge fan of the Washington Redskins.

Kevin Surratt Jr. is the son of the singer Traci Braxton and married to Olivia Haaron in July 2021. The couple has a son, named Kevin Surratt III, who is three years old. He is the proud grandfather of his grandson, and the two are known to share a love for sports. He is an avid football fan and is a huge fan of the Washington Redskins.

His father, Kevin Surratt Sr., has only one child, a son named Kevin Surratt Jr., with Traci Braxton. They married in August 1996 and welcomed Kevin Surratt Jr. on January 10, 1996. The handsome man has a sweet personality and is happily married. The couple has one daughter, Olivia Haaron, together. They are very proud of their son. He is a true example of a good parent.

As a son of Traci Braxton, Kevin Surratt Jr. has also achieved notable fame. His father is also a famous actor. He is married to Olivia Haaron. His parents have one son, Kevin Surratt Jr. He has two children. His eldest son is three years old, and his other son is named Kevin Surratt III. Unlike his father, he is secretive about his younger children, but he shares a loving relationship with his mother.

Kevin Surratt is a father of three children. He has two other children from other relationships. They met in 1993 and fell in love. His son, Kevin Jr., has two siblings. His daughter, Traci Braxton, is an R&B singer. Both of them are famous. Their son, Kevin Surratt Jr., is married to his mother Traci Braxton. They share a three-year-old boy.

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