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While a few people may not be aware, Kip Vehorn was recently accused of sexual assault at Virginia Tech. While his identity and family have not been made public, many feel that he should be removed from the school. In fact, a petition was created asking Virginia Tech to do so. In this article, we will take a look at the case and how it could impact the college campus. After reading the article, you may be wondering whether Kip Vehorn is truly a victim of rape, and whether his family has contacted the university.

Ways to Handle Sexual Assault

While there are many ways to handle sexual assault, there is one way to make sure that everyone is safe. Whether you choose to confront the person directly or use Twitter as a tool for spreading news and stirring controversy, you should be careful who you talk to online. Fortunately, this case is not a high-profile case, but the underlying message is troubling. Many of the people who have been accusing Vehorn of sexual assault have called for a zero-tolerance policy in Virginia Tech.

Facts about Kip

Kip Vehorn is a student at the University of Virginia. His age has not been publicly disclosed, but he appears to be in his early twenties in photographs. He also has a LinkedIn profile, although this is private. Vehorn first joined Twitter in July 2014 and has 773 followers. However, his Twitter account is private, so it is unclear if he has a family. While Vehorn has yet to respond to the accusations, he is a student at the university, and he has a number of followers, including his professors.


Despite his reputation as an intelligent scholar, there is also an element of unrelenting sexual harassment involved in this case. He has also been accused of assaulting a fellow student at the university. The allegations have surfaced on social networking websites, where many people are calling for Vehorn to be removed from the campus. In the meantime, Virginia Tech has failed to act on the case, and it is up to students to speak out against this predator.

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