Kobiton Alternatives That You Need To Know

Mobile app testing is an essential aspect of development, and there is an increase in the number of testing frameworks worldwide. Organizations that need testing solutions are looking for quick, easy-to-use software solutions. Kobiton is a well known tool in this regard. However, are there any kobiton alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to kobiton that you can consider.

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm lets you improve the quality of your mobile and web applications. This application testing service lets you test your app (without the need to manage or provision testing infrastructure) across a range of real mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Additionally, you can run tests on real devices or multiple browsers, speed up test suite execution, and generate logs and videos to identify issues with the app.


Fix Issues Faster With AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm lets you run automated tests and manually reproduce issues in parallel. It collects performance data, logs, and videos that you can leverage to solve problems quickly. Regarding automated tests, it identifies and groups issues to help you focus on crucial issues first. 

Identify and Debug

The Device Farm generates action logs, web driver logs, videos, and console logs to help you identify and fix issues quickly in your web app. 

Multiple browsers and browser version testing

With Device Farm, you can run tests on multiple desktop browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. You can use this feature to ensure your web app functions well in different browsers. 


The HeadSpin Platform is a data science driven product designed to help perfect user experiences. It supports organizations and their teams to collaborate seamlessly by assisting them in optimizing their digital performance across networks, devices, and applications. It helps accelerate development cycles through test automation and automatically surfaces insights through AI and analytics. 


DEM Solutions

HeadSpin lets you perform user digital experience monitoring across various delivery channels on carrier networks and real devices located in over 100 locations worldwide. 

Global Device Infrastructure

HeadSpin empowers end-to-end testing by allowing users access to a global device infrastructure. You can monitor app performance on real devices, carriers, and WiFi networks across the globe.

You can use this infrastructure to run geolocation tests and evaluate real user experience without compromising performance and security. 

End-To-End Testing

HeadSpin supports over 30 automation frameworks, allows users to perform tests in real user conditions, helps execute multiple tests in parallel, gives you access to real SIM-enabled devices, and lets you run automated, fully integrated, continuous tests to help you meet all your testing requirements. 


Perfecto enables testing by providing developers with a cloud-based mobile testing lab. This lab helps you with mobile app development and testing, providing you with an excellent platform to manage your apps. Additionally, it lets your run secure web & mobile tests in the cloud, from creation to execution to analysis. 


Testing at Scale

Perfecto manages over 10,00 devices in about 11 centers globally. Due to this, test execution performance and device availability for large-scale tests are not a problem. It is one of the first vendors to offer Cloud mobile device testing, so it comes with much experience. 


Perfecto holds many security certificates like SOC II, PCI, GDPR, and ISO 27001. It also meets the necessary security compliance regulations. Further, it offers dedicated, private clouds for its users that do not prefer testing in a public testing cloud. 

Device Coverage

Perfecto supports iOS and Android phones, tables, and more to provide complete device coverage. With Perfecto, you can perform real device cloud testing by automating scenarios relying on network connectivity and device sensors for comprehensive test automation. 

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs offers end-to-end mobile quality solutions. These solutions enable organizations to deliver high-quality mobile apps at speed and empower all stages of the app development journey. It supports all testing needs, every type of application, and the entire SDLC. 


Real Device Cloud

Sauce Labs offers a private and public real device cloud to help you accelerate live and automated testing for your apps. This device cloud also reduces operational and maintenance costs that come with an internal device lab – allowing you to test mobile apps on a wide range of real devices. 

Emulators & Simulators

Sauce Labs provides Emulators and Simulators, enabling you to run automated tests on your mobile apps. These emulators and simulators are cost-effective, optimized for CI/CD pipelines, reliable, and easy to scale. 

Beta Testing

The Sauce Labs secure platform helps optimize your beta testing processes and helps streamline iOS and Android app distribution. Sauce Labs provides intuitive bug reports and real-time video sessions that help you release high-quality apps. 

Error Monitoring and Reporting

With Sauce Labs, you can prioritize, capture, and resolves errors in your app during testing, development, when the app is in beta, or even post-release. Use root cause analysis to identify core issues, get crash analytics, and comprehensive error data. 


Browserstack is a test automation platform that allows testers to test their website on over 2000 real browsers and mobile devices. Testing teams can use Browserstack to reduce build times to 5 minutes and release high-quality software daily. Its cloud Selenium grid helps testers run thousands of tests in parallel and to scale infrastructure. 


Real Device Cloud

Browserstack lets you test on a range of real Android and iOS devices and multiple software versions.

Real-world conditions

Through Browserstack, you can leverage over 15 native device features like network simulation, localization, GPS, and more that help you replicate real user conditions.

Real-time debugging

You can debug your app, inspect UI elements, find and fix bugs instantly, and view crash reports and logs.



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