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Lane Kiffin and His New Wife Layla

Currently, Lane Kiffin is dating real estate realtor Jennifer Dardano. They started dating in 201 and have a great connection with each other.

Previously, Lane Kiffin was married to Layla Kiffin.

They have three kids. Their son is Monte Knox and daughters are Pressley and Landry.

Jennifer Dardano

Currently, Lane Kiffin is in a relationship with Jennifer Dardano, who is a real estate agent. She specializes in selling waterfront homes and opulent estates.

According to sources, Lane Kiffin and Jennifer have been dating for several years now, and they may get married soon. However, they haven’t confirmed anything yet.

Lane Kiffin is a popular American football coach, who served as the head coach for the University of Mississippi Rebels from December 2019. He previously worked as the offensive coordinator for USC Trojans and Oakland Raiders.

The 47-year-old has three children with his ex-wife, Layla Kiffin. Their first daughter, Landry was born in 2005; their second daughter, Presley was born in 2007; and their third son, Knox was born in 2009.

Before they divorced, Lane Kiffin and Layla had a happy marriage and were proud parents to three kids. They were very close and shared a lot of good memories with each other. But, they eventually split up in 2016.

Lane Kiffin’s Ex-Wife Layla

The ex-wife of Lane Kiffin, Layla is a mother of three children. She was married to Lane Kiffin for 12 years and they got divorced in 2016.

She is the daughter of a professional footballer John Reaves. Her father has played for 11 seasons in the NFL and he raised her with his two brothers Stephen and David Reaves.

They met in 1999 when Lane was working as a graduate assistant at Colorado State and Layla was working in the special events department of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They began dating almost immediately after meeting.

In 2004, the couple got married in a private ceremony. They had their first child Landry in 2005, Presley was born in 2007 and Monte Knox in 2009.

In the years after their divorce, they have focused on their children and raising them well. But, their divorce did take a toll on Lane. He had to shell out a huge chunk of his wealth to settle the divorce.

Lane Kiffin’s Kids

Lane Kiffin’s wife Layla was a stay-at-home mom for most of their marriage. She was a great help to her husband in raising their kids as she was able to manage the logistics of their life together.

Despite the fact that Lane and Layla’s divorce was one of the high-profile ones, they still kept a close relationship with their children. However, they decided to end their marriage because of irreconcilable differences.

As a result, they filed for divorce in 2016. It’s not surprising that they ended their marriage because of Lane’s affair with his head coach’s daughter.

But, as a result of their divorce settlement, they are now co-parenting three children together. Their youngest child is Landry, who was born in 2005.

In a recent TikTok video, Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin looked incredibly uncomfortable when his daughter, Landry, asked him how much she spent on her new pair of shoes. He was obviously aghast, asking how she could afford them!

Lane Kiffin’s Personal Life

Lane Kiffin has a good bond with his children. Despite his love for the game, he also wants to raise his kids with respect and dignity.

He and his wife Layla had a happy family life together but their relationship ended when they divorced in 2016. Even though their divorce was based on irreconcilable differences, they had three children together.

They are Landry, Presley and Knox. They have three beautiful children who all are happy and healthy.

The family has a great bond, as they are always supporting each other. The coach is not into sharing much about his kids with the media and prefers to keep them close to him.

His new girlfriend Jennifer Dardano is a real estate agent in Florida. She specializes in waterfront homes and opulent estates.

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