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laron louis james jr

Born on August 19, 1978, Laron Louis James Jr. is an American rapper, actor, and producer. He belongs to the East Coast group and is a member of the Harlem neighborhood. He began his career in 1999 as a singer, and he topped the charts with his debut album, “What the Game’s Missing”. The following year, he released his second studio album, titled “Oh Yes.” The album includes songs such as Oh Yes, “There It Go,” “The Whistle Song”, “Clockwork,” and “I Don’t Care”. In 2003, he released his first studio album, ‘What the Game’s Missing’, and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Juelz Santana’s son LaRon Louis James Jr. was born on October 24, 2003. He has two children with Kimbella Vanderhee, including a son, named Laron. The rapper has been married to the same woman for several years, and the two have been together for a decade. The rapper has also appeared in several music videos and films, and is well-known for his rap career.

LaRon Louis James Jr. is the son of Juelz Santana and Kimbella Vanderhee. He is eighteen years old and has two children with Kimbella. His parents were both in the entertainment business for a long time, and he has a strong following on social media. The musician also has a successful music career and has appeared on several television shows.

Juelz Santana’s baby mama is reality star Brhea Phoenix. The rapper is a father to Laron Louis James Jr., a boy born on October 24, 2003. His name is Laron Louis James jr. He is eighteen years old and lives in Englewood, New Jersey. While his parents are not famous, their relationship has been a difficult one for them.

His father Juelz Santana is an actor and songwriter. His parents had two children together. His eldest child, Laron Louis, was born on October 24, 2003. His mother is Kimbella Vanderhee’s former husband, and she is a model. Their children are not related. However, they have a son, named Laron Louis James Jr.

His parents had two children. The rapper had three children with Brhea Phoenix. His father had three children. His eldest child, Laron Louis James Jr., was born on October 24, 2003. He is eighteen years old. Despite having a famous father, his mother was a struggling single mom and struggled to provide for her two young children. In addition to his mother, the singer had a son by another woman.

LaRon Louis James Jr. is the son of rapper Juelz Santana and singer LaRon Santana. Both were raised in low-income environments. Despite his father’s sex, he was a kind, loving person. His parents were hardworking and raised him in an environment that promoted his talents. Despite his modest background, LaRon Louis James Jr. is one of the most respected artists in the hip-hop world today.

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