LaserQuit Opens New Laser Treatment Clinics in BC to Help Smokers Quit

A few years ago the idea of using lasers to help people stop smoking would have been something out of a science fiction novel, but thanks to a treatment used primarily to help manage pain, cold laser therapy has become the latest success in helping people quit. 

Meet Meridee Hlokoff, an ex-smoker who overcame nicotine dependence by using laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment that uses low levels of light energy to stimulate nerves, muscles and ‘feel good’ endorphins in the body. With a family history of smokers, and two young children at the time, she had tried everything to quit. 

“I was desperate,” said Hlokoff. “I didn’t want my kids growing up with me as a smoker.” She decided to try acupuncture, hypnosis and even surgery to remove her tonsils. Nothing worked. Then one day while reading about cold laser therapy on the Internet, she saw a photo of someone’s arm covered in red dots. The dots were caused by a device called a Cold Laser Therapy Device (CLTD) which emits infrared light. 

“After just a few treatments, my cravings for nicotine reduced significantly, and from there onwards I was an ex-smoker, and I still am to this day”. 

Amazed by the results, Meridee opened a treatment clinic in BC to help others like her. After huge success, Meridee and the team at LaserQuit opened additional clinics and now operate in 10 locations across BC, with additional centers set to open in the near future.

They now operate in Abbotsford, Fort St John, Nanaimo, Quesnel, White Rock and Surrey amongst others, but they plan to expand outside of BC starting in 2023. 

LaserQuit Expansion

“We are looking at expanding our offering to other provinces because the results we are seeing with most of our clients is truly incredible.” 

She added: “We are currently averaging a 95% success rate for those who complete our stop smoking program, which is higher than most other methods on the market.” 

Meridee declined to provide locations of the new clinics, but has hinted at neighbouring provinces to begin in 2023.

Is Cold Laser Therapy the Future for Smoking Cessation?

Meridee believes so, and judging by the number of positive testimonials it could be a good option for those who have had no success with other forms of treatment. 

Like all smoking aids however, individuals need to want to quit before they can succeed.

So if you’re ready to stop smoking, or have tried every other aid with no success, maybe it’s time to consider laser therapy as your third time lucky moment?

Final Thoughts from Meridee

“Cold laser therapy can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms from nicotine, but it will not prevent you from smoking if you’re not ready to do so. For some individuals, after a few weeks they hit a bit of a breaking point and return to smoking, which is why we recommend a minimum of 8 weeks of treatment in conjunction with some coaching to help individuals stay focused on their goals.”


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