Latest eyewear trends that are here to stay: Popular glasses frame styles

Eyewear trends come and go. That’s what a trend is, surely? Well, while there are so many options for glasses available today, there’s only so much innovation that can happen when it comes to popping two lenses over your nose.

So, rather than reinventing the wheel with glasses, let’s change the environment around them. Check out a few trends below to find out the must-follow eyewear trends for 2022. These trends are here to stay. 

Colourful patterns

People, people, people – it’s time to have fun with your glasses frames! Take a look at celebrities Lupita Nyong’o, J-Lo and Anne Hathaway. They are wearing their glasses to all the events, informal to formal, like The Grammys and The Oscars. Who says that specs have no place at a spectacle like the Met Gala? 

Bright and bold glasses frames are popping up on the red carpet, and they are super fun! Haute couture brands are picking up on this trend to make custom frames for special occasions but there are options from favourites like Versace, Prada and Chloe available via retailers. They are already pulling out some bold colours like turquoise, bright pink and deep reds in Havana, tortoise and gradient frame designs. High-street brands are catching on too – so your next special event is likely to feature some EXTRA-special glasses.

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Chloe CE2716 611 54 Gradient Bordeaux

Image Source: Feel Good Contacts

Prada PR 18WV 07R1O1 52 Caramel Tortoise

Image Source: Feel Good Contacts

Mean business

Going back to basics is not boring. As we shimmy out of 2022, one trend that will stick around pays tribute to Stanley Tucci, Alfred Hitchcock and our best Daria and Don Draper impressions. Think full rims, think square, think “deep”. 

What was once deemed a stuffy, bookish look is now suave, sophisticated, and stylish. We live in a fiercely competitive world, with social media only exacerbating the ferocity of the fight for the spotlight. Taking a cool step back and stripping down all the frills, bells, and whistles back to what you truly need – in the case of prescription eyewear, a sturdy, functional pair of glasses – is refreshing. 

Even if it’s only the illusion of a laid-back laissez-faire philosophy on life that you want, you can trick the masses with a classic rectangle, round, or wayfarer frame in dark havana or black. Just look out for the thickest frames in the darkest colours available and you’ll see how dapper they look with a well-tailored suit, a classic turtleneck or an all-black outfit. 

If you’re ready for the world to take you seriously, you have to fake it until you make it. Start with eyewear just like Kim Kardashian did! The thick frame trend was for the arty and brooding originally, now for the aesthetic snatchers too!

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: Daily Mail

Functional cool

There is a more general cultural shift that is having a huge impact on what kind of glasses you might go for and how you wear them. This trend is less about ‘look’ and more about ‘feel’ as people begin to fully embrace how glasses impact performance.

Oakley is having a moment right now with its #BeWhoYouAre campaign. The brand is being totally true to its origins, celebrating functionality, comfort and cool for men and women – but taking inspiration from the new kind of influencer. 

Top sportspeople in pioneering sub-cultures like urban biking and e-sports are bringing this trend to the top of the agenda. Check out urban legend Chas Christiansen and Call of Duty champion Seth “Scump” Abner on social media wearing Oakley designs exclusively.

All rigid structure and robust acetate designs, Oakley is giving geek-chic the PR update it has needed for quite some time. You know what’s cool – ultimate focus and strength!
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Image source: Edel-optics

Image source: AdAge

Big is beautiful

People are tired of tiny frames and adjusting their glasses all day to squeeze in some extra peripheral vision – and this has been going on for too long. Luckily, there is trend that has been sneaking its way back, straight from the 70s and 80s…massive (really MASSIVE) glasses frames.

Influencers and reality TV stars like Mollie Mae Hague (Love Island, Insta-fame) and Olivia Attwood (Love Island, I’m A Celebrity…) have been turning heads and opinions with oversized options like those available from Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban as well as retailers on the high street and online. It doesn’t matter whether these wide and big frames are prescription or frames-only, they are very effective at raising IQ perceptions.

Plus, they are super cute. You can see why these are the favourite style of cartoon-esque pop princess Ariana Grande and everyone’s favourite teen girl-nerd Zendaya. Shop around and watch classic square, aviator, butterfly, and hexagonal frames stretch beyond compare as this trend continues.

Love Island 2019: Who is Molly-Mae Hague? Social media ...
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Image source: Instagram

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Whatever the look you want to go for, don’t feel restricted by your eyesight either. Glasses are available for practically any prescription strength – short, near or astigmatism. If you want the look but don’t need the lenses, you can even purchase a frame-only option with 0 power and a blue light filter. Your eyes will thank you later, all you need to do is click here.


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