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Laura Cwikowski


Laura Cwikowski is a Canadian actress and writer. She has no known relatives or connections. She may have used other names such as Laura J. Dahl or even Laura Jane Cwikowski. She has lived at Po Box A3144 in Modesto, CA. Her last known address was in 2007. She has used the names Charmin T. Dahl and Allison K. Davis. She is also known as “Laura” in the media.

Laura Cwikowski Married Life

Cwikowski met Bench at a golf tournament in Oklahoma City, and the two fell in love. They later married at Katz’s home in New York City. Their 1975 marriage, which was widely reported, was a failure, and it ended two years later. The two met in 1968, and Bench went on to play baseball for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 to 1983. He continues to live in Oklahoma City.

Laura Cwikowski Divorce

The couple divorced in 2000 after three years of marriage. The marriage was reportedly arranged by Bench, and she has a son named Bobby Binger with him. The couple have been together since 2005, and their children are now known as Johnny and Bobby. A brief history of their relationship is detailed in the biography of the two. They have a son Bobby Binger Bench, a child of their marriage. Currently, they have no children, but have various business ventures.

Former Model

Laura Cwikowski is a former model who got married with NBA player Johnny Bench. The couple met at a golf tournament in Oklahoma City and got married there. Their marriage ended in 1978. They have one daughter, Bobby Binger, and are currently raising five children. However, their divorce was bittersweet. Their son Bobby Binger was born of this relationship. In addition, the couple has various interests in the media.

First Meeting

Their son Bobby Binger Bench was born on Dec. 31, 1976. The two met during a golf tournament in Oklahoma City. They later married and moved to the same city, but had a brief relationship. The couple’s son Bobby Binger Bench was born in 1981. A few years later, they divorced and were separated. Despite their rocky start, the couple has remained together. Their son was born on March 4, 1985.

Laura Cwikowski Children

The couple married in the summer of 1978. Their son was born in Dayton, Ohio. The couple had a son in the same year. Their daughter is named Bobby Binger Bench. The two met at a golf tournament in Oklahoma City and later married. They split up a year after the wedding. The couple’s son, Bobby, is their first child. They live in a home in Dayton, Ohio.


Their son was born on Aug. 5, 1978. In addition to their son, they had a daughter named Bobby Binger. They married in the summer of 1981. The marriage took place in the same year. They divorced two years later. They were separated in the same state, but were still close friends. At the time of their first meeting, they were indifferent to each other. Their sons were close and became lovers.

Publicized Marriage

Laura Cwikowski met Bench at a golf tournament in Oklahoma City. The couple married in October of 1977. Their marriage was publicized. The couple had three children. The son was named Bobby Binger Bench. Their son Bobby Binger Bench is the result of their relationship. Their son is named after both of them. They had a son together in 1981. The couple met at an aerobics class in Dayton and later married.


In 1976, Bench and Cwikowski married in Oklahoma City. They had a son named Bobby Binger Bench, after their mutual friend Reuven Katz. Both of them dated for three years. In their first marriage, they were married in 1967. In 1979, they divorced. The marriage was publicized for several reasons. In the same year, they had a daughter, Laura. The couple have three children.


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