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As far as her romance with Thomas Macken goes, the actress has confirmed that the two split in 2021. During the breakup, the actress shared the reasons behind the breakup and apologized to her fans. She also said that she was hurt by the songs they worked on together. Despite the split, she is still happy with her life, as it has given her a musician boyfriend. Read on to learn more about Laura Marano’s relationship with Macken.

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano have a history. In 2012, the two were rumored to be dating, but they later denied it. Although the two work together professionally, the two have never been photographed together. In fact, the actress is currently busy working on a music video for her song “La La,” which features Ken Jeong. Meanwhile, she’s been in the news for being in a relationship with another actor.

Marano is an American actress and singer. She began performing at an early age and has had a career in the entertainment industry. She has been in several films and television shows, including Dexter. In fact, she’s even a mother and has one sister, Vanessa Marano. It’s hard to believe that Laura has a boyfriend based on her recent actions. The rumors about Laura Marano’s love life are all over the place.

There’s no hard evidence that she’s dating a musician. However, Laura hasn’t posted any photos with Thomas lately, so we can’t be sure. But we can assume that she’s still with the man she met on a movie set. Moreover, it’s unlikely that she’ll ever be in a relationship with Thomas, as she isn’t on social media. If the two are indeed dating, it’s likely that they’ll stay together despite the rumors.

The actress is 26 years old. She’s a Pisces and Sagittarius. She hasn’t been previously engaged. If Laura Marano is dating Andrew Gorin, the two would share a dazzling love life. The actress’s new love life has been a mystery, but the two have shared a long history together. But it is safe to say that they are currently a couple.

Aside from her acting, she’s a recording artist. She is also a fragrance designer and owns a fragrance brand. She is dating Thom Macken after her breakup with Andre Gorin. She has no confirmed reports regarding her romantic relationship, but she’s reportedly in a serious relationship with him. This is not to be taken lightly, as the actress has been criticized for her love life for years, and she has never gotten a man.

There are several rumors surrounding Laura Marano’s relationship with Thom Macken. The two haven’t been open about their relationship. It’s possible that they’re secretly dating and haven’t been publicly outed yet. The two have been spotted together at a number of locations, but they haven’t confirmed their relationship. The actress’s secretive relationship with Thom Macken has been a mystery for as long as she’s been acting.

While Laura Marano’s romance with Andrew Gorin is rumored to be a long-term relationship, she’s never been married. Her private life is very quiet and private. Her boyfriend isn’t a secret, but it is a mystery. While she seems to be very busy with her work, she’s not actively looking for a man. And if she is, it’s probably because she wants to focus on her career and make it the best it can be.

While Laura Marano’s relationship with Andrew Gorin isn’t over yet, rumors about it are constant. It is unknown if she’s still dating the Sagittarius star. But the fact that the pair has been together since 2012, suggests that the two are in a long-term relationship. It’s difficult to tell if the two are still together, but it’s unlikely that they’re in a relationship.

While she hasn’t confirmed her relationship with Andrew Gorin, she has dated several other people in the past. Neither Andrew Macken nor Thomas Macken are listed on Wiki. As of writing, they’re both 26 years old. They aren’t yet married. There’s no evidence that the two have kids together. In addition, it is unknown if Marano has a girlfriend.

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