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Lily Davis was last seen on Sunday, walking to her father’s house. When she didn’t return, her father called police. When the police arrived, she was found dead. Her age has not been released, but the family has received a lot of support from the public. As the investigation continues, more details are likely to be revealed. In the meantime, they are asking for the public’s help in identifying her killer.

Case is a Huge Issue

While there is no concrete evidence linking Lauraine Davis to the murder, speculation about a potential killer has spread across the Internet. While it’s never safe to speculate, we should wait until the police issue a statement before accusing anyone. The case has grown so sensitive because of its exposure. While the police have not released a motive, the case has become a huge issue.

Aunt is Suspect 

Lauraine Davis, the mother of Carson Peters Berger, is being sought by police as a suspect in the disappearance of Lily Peters. Although the investigation is ongoing, the police have increased security around the school and have heightened patrols. Lauraine Davis is a Chippewa Falls resident. The death of the 10-year-old has prompted authorities to beef up security around the community.

Controversial Relationship 

Lauraine Davis is a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin resident who is rumored to be dating John Repetto, allegedly the stepfather of the suspect in Lily’s murder. While the relationship between Lauraine Davis and Repetto has been controversial, many people have criticized Repetto’s inappropriate remarks on social media. The death of Lily has left her family in deep mourning.

Justice for Lily’s family

Lauraine Davis has been linked to the case since Lily Peters’ death. The case remains sensitive, and details will be released in the coming days. There have been numerous offers and expressions of sympathy to Lily’s family. She hopes to get justice for Lily’s family. We will continue to keep you posted on updates.

‘Awful Mother’

Lily Peters-Berger’s grandmother said that Davis is an ‘awful mother’ and said her grandson doesn’t look happy with her mother. She also held Davis responsible for restricting Berger’s contact with family. Berger and Davis divorced after their daughter was two years old. Lily’s father called 911 after she didn’t return home. Davis is currently dating convicted fraudster John Repetto.


The case follows the story of the Peters family. Carson Peters Berger is a suspect in the murder of Lily Peters. The ten-year-old had not returned home from her aunt’s house at nine p.m. on Sunday. She was reported missing by her father, Carson Peters Berger. Police discovered her physique near her walking route in Chippewa Falls. Authorities have ruled the death a homicide.

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