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Leanne Domi – Canadian Real Estate Agent and Mother

Leanne Domi is a Canadian real estate agent and mother. She was born on December 8, 1969 and is 52 years old at present.

She is married to Tie Domi and they have three children. Their marriage lasted thirteen years before they divorced in 2006.

She is a mother

Leanne Domi is a Canadian real estate agent who is also a mother. She has three children, two girls and one son. Her eldest child is Carlin Domi, who was born on December 29, 1993 and her younger daughter is Avery Domi, who was born in October 1998.

Despite living miles apart, Max Domi and his mother, Leanne, speak on a regular basis. The 24-year-old ice hockey player lives 688 kilometers (427 miles) southwest of her home in Toronto, where he makes a million dollars playing for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks.

In spite of his fame, being a mother is never enough for Leanne, who worries about her son at night when his blood sugar dips to dangerous levels. She tries to keep her son on track by reminding him to take his insulin and pulse meds.

The family also owns a service dog named Orion, who has been trained to help people with diabetes maintain their health. He is an integral part of Domi’s life and is the reason he believes that his diagnosis doesn’t stop him from reaching his dreams.

She is a wife

Leanne Domi is the wife of former NHL player Tie Domi. They have three children together.

She claims in her divorce application that her husband has had an intimate relationship with Liberal MP Belinda Stronach. They began an affair in January 2006, the report says.

In the divorce docs, she also accuses her husband of “causing irreparable damage” to their marriage and family. She alleges that he has abused their son Max and has induced him to become violent.

Her ex-husband has refused to comment on the allegations in court. He is expected to appear in a Toronto court on Thursday.

Her restraining order bars him from entering 100 metres of their matrimonial home or communicating with her. It extends until his and the children’s psychological assessments are complete.

She is a celebrity

Leanne domi is a Canadian business professional who currently works as a real estate agent. She has a knack for marketing and sales and has worked for several top-rated companies in the industry. She also has a keen sense of design and creativity, making her a great fit for her industry.

She is a mother of three children, including her son Max Domi who is an expert ice hockey player. Despite the fact that her family is spread out, Leanne always remains by her son’s side.

Tie Domi and Leanne were married in 1993 but they broke up in 2006. They have three kids together, Carlin Rose, Avery Rose and Max.

She recently filed for divorce, alleging that her ex-husband, Tie Domi, committed adultery with Stronach. The former hockey enforcer told her that if she kept quiet about it, he would give her money and a house, she claims in court documents.

She is a businesswoman

Leanne Domi is a Canadian businesswoman and mother. She is a real estate agent by trade, and has a successful online real estate business called the Domi Agency.

She is also an avid reader and has an extensive library of books on business and real estate. She is also a huge fan of canines, so she often posts pictures of her dogs on Instagram.

As a mother, she is very protective of her three kids and loves to spend time with them. She even takes them on vacation once in a while.

Despite the fact that she lives miles away from her son Max, they have a close relationship. She makes sure to check up on him frequently, especially since he has type 1 diabetes.

In addition to her business activities, she also works as a health coach and is a big advocate for diabetes research. She is a firm believer that exercise can help control the disease.

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