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Lincoln Riley Annie Hanson

Ongoing Rumors

Rumors of a romance between Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson have surfaced on the Internet and the actresses are not speaking out. The rumors started on Reddit but have spread on various sites and media stages. The actress is not saying if there is any truth behind the accusations. However, fans are expressing their support for Riley. If the rumors are true, they would definitely not be the first to do so.

First Wife

When Riley first found out about his relationship with Annie Hanson, his wife Caitlin asked him to fire her, but he refused. Annie reportedly threatened to file a wrongful termination lawsuit if she was fired. Despite the accusations of harassment, Riley has refused to fire the actress. He has since hired her as a graduate assistant coach and the two are assisting with tight ends and special teams.

Wife Career

While Riley is an Oklahoma football coach, Hanson has a past at OU. She was an assistant athletic director there and was the executive director of recruiting. Prior to joining the OU staff, she was an under-the-radar walk-on quarterback at Texas Tech. Her relationship with Riley has been the subject of numerous rumors, and it looks like the two are going to make their first public appearance as a couple soon.

Matter of Big 12

The scandal that has engulfed Riley is not a surprise at this point. The former Oklahoma assistant coach had been unhappy with Riley when the team switched conferences. The SEC replaced the Big 12 and Riley was reportedly unhappy about this. Annie Riley’s tweets and Facebook pages were full of her opinions on the matter. However, she is still awaiting Riley’s response and is ready to serve USC on Christmas VDay.

Current Salary 

The university’s boardGH of regents recently approved an increase to Hanson’s salary. She was previously paid $70,G000, but the new pay increase is based on merit and increased responsibilities. During the interview, Riley also addressed the question of whether or not Hanson is still involved in the football program. It is not clear whether or not the relationship  between Hanson and Riley will last.

 Annie Hanson Previous Work

While Annie Hanson had previously worked for the Sooners, she was able to collaborate with Riley during her time at North Carolina. Although she had been at UNC for a year, Riley sought Hanson to lead his recruiting changes. They discussed the idea of working together while still living in separate places. Ultimately, they decided to go ahead and work together. So what are their plans?

Beautiful Relationship

It was the bizarre vibe at the Cal game that made the relationship between Riley and Hanson even more pronounced. But the relationship was too good to be true and Riley’s decision to leave the Sooners for a job in the SEC and USC could not have been a better one. In the end, the two men would marry, and the future of the college football program will be in good hands.

Holistic Coaching

But what’s more, Riley has already gained the trust of his players. The coach took an approach of holistic coaching. Many players praised him for his wisdom. One of them, CeeDee Lamb, praised Riley for a recent article in The Athletic. Riley was hired one day after losing to Oklahoma State in November. While it’s too soon to call Riley the Oklahoma coach, he subsequently landed a job at the same university.


USC has already landed a few massive recruits under Riley’s leadership. He brought over several assistants who were key under Manning, but also added a few more. Meanwhile, at Heritage Hall, a new era is starting to form around Riley’s staff. One of the biggest additions to Riley’s staff is a new tight ends coach, Zach Hanson. The USC football program has a great chance to become a national powerhouse.

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