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Liza Kovalenko


Liza Kovalenko has earned millions of dollars since her career in modeling began in 2005. She has worked with top brands such as Vogue, Maxim, and Teen Vogue. Although modeling is the primary source of her income, she also earns a healthy amount of cash from other sources as well. Her net worth is estimated at $400 to 500 thousand dollars, and she earns three to four thousand dollars every month through a paid platform called Only fans.

Fashion Model

While her modeling career has been largely unorthodox, Liza Kovalenko has also become a huge star in the social media world. Known for posting gorgeous images and videos on Instagram, the Russian model has over eight hundred thousand followers. She has worked with a variety of fashion brands and companies, including Zara and Fashion Nova. Liza also has a bachelor’s degree in art and studied at the London School of Fashion.

Beautiful Features

While her age is not known, Liza Kovalenko is still quite young and is still pursuing her modeling career. She is five feet seven inches tall and weighs 52 kilograms. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She has a slender figure. She has appeared in several high-profile magazines, including Teen Vogue and Maxim. She is also active on various social media platforms, including Instagram.

Trend Setter

While she began modeling at a very young age, Liza Kovalenko has become a popular social media star with millions of followers. Her primary Instagram account has nearly six hundred thousand followers and her secondary one has around twenty thousand. The Russian model has a growing number of fans and is one of the top trending models on social media. In addition to gaining millions of followers, Liza has also built a massive following on Instagram, allowing her to interact with fans via a paid platform.


Liza Kovalenko was born in Russia and went to school in Moscow. Since her early childhood, she has been involved in modeling. She is an active fashion influencer with an immense social media following. Her beautiful face, gray-blue eyes, and body are her trademark features. She has also worked with many magazines and brands.


Today, Liza Kovalenko has achieved the status of an internet model and has appeared in numerous magazines. Recently, she posed for a fashion magazine, The Penthouse Mexico. During her interview with the magazine, she commented on the situation in Ukraine. Liza Kovalenko is a twenty-four-year-old model, born under the zodiac sign Aquarius. A few of her recent collaborations have also gained her global recognition.

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