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Lorenzo Mendez Net Worth


The amount of money that Lorenzo Mendez has earned over the years is very large. His total net worth is somewhere between $1 and $5 million. He has become very famous for his work in World Music. He also has a YouTube channel and manages a Mexican music band. This is the oldest Mexican music band. He has a wife and a young daughter. He is an active person on Twitter and Instagram.


In the past, he has been married to Chiquis Rivera . The two had been dating for many years and had two daughters together. The two separated in 2014, but have remained friends since. They have lived together happily since then. While Lorenzo Mendez and Chiquis are still in love, there is a lot of speculation that their relationship will end or not.

Net Worth 

His net worth is largely due to his work as a singer in the Mexican band La Original Banda El Limon. His base singer’s wage is about $39,000 per year, which makes him a very wealthy man. His salary is higher than average for a musician, but his earnings are not very high. This may be due to his commitment to his job and his family. In addition to this, he has several other sources of income.

Active Social Media User

Lorenzo Mendez has two marriages. His first wife, Claudia Galvan, was the founder of Loss & Found Clothing. He and Chiquis are still young and are not eager to start a family. He is currently living a happy life with his girlfriend. And he is actively involved in social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In his career, he has worked hard to achieve his net worth.


His most prominent source of income is his singing career. He earned most of his money from his singing in the band La Original. His wealth is also due to his acting in films, TV shows, and on the stage. Despite his wealth, he has two children with Claudia Galvan. One of them is Kaitlyn, and the other is Victoria. Their daughters are the couple’s biggest sources of income.

10 Years of Marriage 

Among his most notable sources of wealth are his two marriages. He married Claudia Galvan in 2012 and they had two daughters together. However, the couple was in a long-term relationship, and he is still married to her. He has two children with Claudia Galvan. Nonetheless, the couple has not officially stated whether they are still married or not.

Domestic Violence 

After a short-lived relationship with Claudia Galvan, he went on to date a woman who was his ex-girlfriend. The pair had a daughter together in 2012, and their relationship ended in 2013. In 2013, the couple divorced, and Claudia was accused of domestic violence. This is a great sign for Lorenzo Mendez’s net worth. The charges were dismissed after he paid a $2500 bond and he remained free for several years. In addition to his successful career, Mendez has also been involved in a number of scandals involving his love life.

Currently Single 

Lorenzo Mendez’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. He has been married twice, but is currently single. He has two daughters, Kaitlyn and Victoria. His net worth is a result of his popularity in the music industry. Aside from his own earnings, Mendez has other sources of income. 


Lorenzo Mendez was born on December 15, 1986 in California. His parents were multi-racial and have not mentioned any of their family background. The young Lorenzo was raised in Texas and began singing at an early age. His wife is an actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows and reality shows. Their daughter is the star of a popular YouTube channel. Besides being a world famous musician, Lorenzo Mendez has a girlfriend and is still in school.

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