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There are many rumors about the homosexuality of Lucas Till. The actor is 25 years old and single. He has dated various women throughout his life but has not found the right one yet. Known for his witty and funny humor, he is an X-men and The star. However, there is no information regarding the homosexuality of this actor. Moreover, the truth is that Till is not gay.

Starting of Fame

Three weeks before graduating from high school, Till auditioned for Hannah Montana: The Movie (starring Miley Cyrus) and landed the role of Travis Brody, a young cowboy and Miley’s childhood friend who ends up becoming her love interest.

Upcoming Movie 

Aside from acting, Till has also worked on X-men movies. He is reprising his role of Havok in the upcoming movie, X-men: Apocalypse. His family quickly noticed, when he was at a very young age, that he had an affinity for impersonating voices and characters so  during his early years, his parents enrolled him in acting school. He began performing in print and commercials at a very young age. There are several theories about the homosexuality of Lucas Till, but he maintains that he is straight.

Recent Relationship 

His relationship with his longtime partner, Kayslee Collins, is not an issue. Lucas Till’s relationship with Carlson Young has recently ended. In recent times, he has been openly talking about the possibility of marriage. His most recent film project, Apocalypse, will see him reprise his role of Havok. 


While the actor is a popular actor, he has been outed by gays and straights alike. He has dated Taylor Swift, Carlson Young, Kayslee Collins, and more. His recent break-up with Carlson Young has been rumored to be a misunderstanding, but it is not clear whether or not he is a gay man. For now, the public must judge for themselves. While most people believe that Lucas Till is gay, there are many people who claim that he is not. However, the actor has dated multiple women. 

He is not a Gay

There is also a myth that Lucas Till is gay. However, he is not gay and is openly asexual. While there are no confirmed cases of his homosexuality.His sexuality has not been a secret for long, so he may not be in a relationship with anyone yet. Aside from Taylor Swift, he has dated numerous celebrities. 

Relationship with Men

As a young man, Lucas Till has been openly gay for some time. He was recently involved with a model named Kayslee Collins. Besides his longtime relationship with Ms. Ryan, he has also been spotted with two men.These relationships indicate that he has been gay for quite some time. If this is true, then he is probably the gay brother of Uma Thurman.


He was nominated for a total of 4 awards. In 2009, 11th teen choice award for his role in Hannah Montana Movie. In 2011, for X-Men First Class. In 2018, for MacGyver. In 2019 he was nominated for the 21st teen choice award for MacGyver.

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