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Net worth and earnings of the German rapper Luciano


How much money does Luciano have?

Luciano first appeared as a rapper in 2016. He then released just as many top 10 albums and several successful singles. His songs have been streamed well over a billion times on Spotify. He also took the number one hits with Capital Bra Roli glitter glitter and Royal Rumble on. The cherished Luciano’s net worth is EUR 1.5 million.

What Luciano does for a living

Luciano's incomeBy the beginning of 2021, a total of 24 singles in which Luciano was involved had reached the top 10 in the German charts. Including two number one hits. In addition, the rapper landed in the top 10 with his four albums released by July 2020. The fact that he is also involved in the Locosquad label is reflected in his income and continues to increase his fortune. Streaming via platforms such as Spotify, YouTube views of its music videos and appearances provide additional income. So According to a line of text from one of his songs, the rapper earns 20,000 euros per concert.

Successful with the first album

Luciano has a German mother and a Mozambican father. He published his first tracks on the YouTube channel of his Berlin crew Locosquad. In October 2016 he did the mixtape with Nikky Santoro Locosquad presents 12812 out. Then a month later, Luciano was up with the song Chase the mio suddenly known in the German rap scene. The mixtape was released in March 2017 Banditorinho, which marked its first entry into the charts. With this, Luciano started his first tour with six dates in German cities. This was followed in November 2017 with Freezing the rapper’s first album, which promptly reached number four in the German charts.

Two times number one with Capital Bra

Merit of LucianoEven with the albums LOCO from November 2018 and Millies from August 2019, Luciano reached fourth place in terms of sales in Germany. He was also able to look forward to awards in Switzerland for both publications: LOCO received a platinum as well as for over 20,000 copies sold Millies a gold record for more than 10,000 sales. The rapper’s first top 10 single was in July 2018 Ballinwhich has sold over 200,000 times. The song then put on a similarly strong performance in October 2018 sea that even reached number three in the German charts. Also in October 2018, Luciano released the single with Capital Bra and Eno Roli glitter glitter which rose to the top of the sales list in Germany. Luciano and Capital Bra achieved the same when they released the single with Kalazh44, Samra and Nimo in June 2019 Royal Rumble brought out.

Luciano celebrates great success

In 2020, Luciano narrowly missed another number one hit several times. His single was then in February 2020 Mios with bars in second place in Germany. It was included on the rapper’s fourth album, the exotic was called, appeared in July 2020 and has already reached sixth place in Germany. The was already in June 2020 song Valla no! with which Luciano, KC Rebell and Summer Cem rose to number two in the German charts. Shortly afterwards, the single also reached XXL by Miksu, Macloud, Jamule and Summer Cem this placement. With these sales successes of his songs and also future ones, which are still to be expected, Luciano can further increase his fortune.

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