Make eye-catching jewelry with Labradorite beads

Labradorite, a popular gemstone, produces stunning color changes when it is rotated. The intergrowths in the stone’s structure create a sparkling, ethereal effect.


Spectrolite refers to the high-quality Finnish labradorite that produces intense color flashes. This is known as the “schiller effect”.

Madagascar and Russia both produce large amounts of labradorite with labradorescence. India, however, mines transparent labradorite. It is also found in South America, the United States, South America, Norway, and South America.

Oregon has clear labradorite in the colors yellow, orange, and red. It does not contain any labradorescence. An aventurescence flash can be caused by copper inclusions. These gemstones, also known as Oregon Sunstones, are prevalent due to their ability to be carved and faceted. It was designated the official gem of Oregon by the state legislature in 1987.


Faceted labradorite beads belongs to the plagioclase group of minerals made up of feldspars. This gemstone is used extensively in the ceramics and glass industries. It contains between 50 to 70 percent anorthite.

It appears dark gray in rough form, but cut stones have a metallic luster and an iridescent sheen.

This structure contains tiny, repeated layers of twinning inclusions made of black magnetite and ilmenite. Some fracturing is also visible. Labradorescence is created when light diffracts off of the gemstone because of this structural interference.

The stone layers reflect various colors, including yellow, green, and blue. The thickness and uniformity of each layer will determine the colors.

Labradorite ranges from 6.0 to 6 on the Mohs scale.

Associations and Meanings

Labradorite is rich in legends and lore, making it an intriguing stone. Native Canadians believed this gem was formed by the fire of the northern lights, which had frozen in the area.

It is also known as the magic stone. This gemstone is the choice of diviners, healers, and shamans. It is believed to protect against bad luck and help you predict the future.

Labradorite can improve clarity, concentration, and courage. It also helps keep away negative energy. Wearing this gemstone brings inner peace. It is believed to slow down aging, detoxify and protect the aura.

This gemstone is associated with the moon, Uranus, and the astrological signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Jewelry Ideas

The stunning semi-precious stone is available in various colors, including blue, gray, or green, depending on the facets. It makes exquisite jewelry. Creating unique jewelry with labradorite beads can add magic and luster to your jewelry collection. These are some ideas to incorporate this stunning gemstone into your fall designs.

  • Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces that are big and bold are a hot red carpet trend! The labradorite focal piece can create an illusion of sparkle, and a collection will be dazzling. Create this striking and bold statement piece using a combination of labradorite with other gemstones.

  • Pendant

Necklaces with iridescent gemstones is adorable. Striking reflections in rainbow colors characterize this bespoke, timeless piece.

  • Labradorite Geo Drop Earrings

Drop earrings make the perfect accessory for fall because they can be worn with sweaters, turtlenecks, and scarves. We learned that statement earrings could make a full-coverage look more attractive than big earrings and fabric on the New York and Paris catwalks this year. This simple-to-make labradorite drops earrings will help you to enhance your fall wardrobe.

  • Layered Chain Bracelet

Significant designers, including Alexander Wong, spotted chain-link jewelry on their runways this year. This stunning fall DIY layered bracelet is made with a leftover chain. Labradorite toggles can be added for an extra fashion-forward touch.

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