7 Surprising ways to make money in 2022

2022 is upon us, and with it comes a new set of opportunities to make money. Some of these may be surprising, so read on to learn more. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or want to find ways to increase your income, these tips will help you get ahead. Keep in mind that some of these may require effort and time investment, but the payoff could be worth it! Here are seven surprising ways to make money in 2022.

Find a Popular or Trending Job

Lots of new and interesting jobs are trending in 2022, and you can take advantage of them. Some of these jobs will require a special skill or knowledge, so do your research to see if one interests you! You can also look at job boards for popular or trending jobs to get started. Some of these jobs are listed below:

  •       Virtual Reality Specialist
  •       Web Developer
  •       Social Media Manager

Explore 3D Printing, Robotics, or Artificial Intelligence

The world of automation is growing rapidly in 2022, and you might be able to find a new career path in these fields. Be wary of jobs that require special training, as companies are only hiring employees with the specific skills needed for their projects. This means you’ll either need experience or formal education. If you have experience, look at job boards and networking contacts to explore your options. If you’re looking for formal education, check out certificate programs or online courses focused on robotics and artificial intelligence – this will help prepare you to work in the field.

Consider Starting Your Own Business or Consulting Company

If you’re willing to invest time and effort into starting your own business, then now is the time to do it! The idea of owning your own company might seem daunting, but there are resources available to help make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. These resources include grants, loans, and funding sources that provide money for people who are serious about starting their own company. Plus, if you have an established presence online or a list of clients through work experience, this can also help you get started. Bear in mind that working for yourself requires even more hard work, but it does have its perks!

Get Involved With Cryptocurrency

With Bitcoin and blockchain technology continuing to gain prominence, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly profitable. If you want to get involved but don’t know where to start, take a look at online courses and tutorials to get up to speed on the basics.

You can also start your own cryptocurrency-based business or become a cryptocurrency miner. If you want to invest, look at companies such as IOTA and Ripple that are focusing their efforts on software development for blockchain technology.

​Ride the New Technology Wave

With technology changing all the time, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses in 2022. Take the initiative to keep up with these changes by learning new skills and technologies that could be beneficial to your career. For example, machine learning is on the rise, so learn how it works and how to make effective applications! It’s easy enough to learn new technology on your own through online courses or even books (just be sure not to skip over any steps).

Think Outside the Box for Work

If you’re looking to change your career, consider outside-the-box options. Commercial divers, for example, work in a variety of industries and specialties, so it’s important to do your research before exploring this option. Be aware that commercial diving is physically demanding and requires formal training, but the opportunity could be worth it. Plus, with demand for commercial divers rising in 2022, now is a great time to get started!

Develop Your Business Skills

Whether you want to start your own company or become an entrepreneur within your current company, business skills are crucial when it comes to financial success. If you’ve previously taken business or entrepreneurship courses (or even if not), there are plenty of opportunities coming up to further your knowledge. There are many online services and, of course, YouTube University.


If you’re looking to make money in 2022, you’re in luck! The future is full of opportunities that will allow you to create a better life for yourself and your family. With that said, it’s important to stay on top of new technologies and changes in the business world so you can make plans accordingly. This means keeping your options open by learning new skills and gaining experience where possible.

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