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Matthew Richard Blosil


The net worth of Matthew Richard Blosil is $20 million. He has three children from his previous relationships. His parents, Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil, are both famous and have a combined net worth of $20 million. Both parents are devoted to their children’s education, and Matthew’s family was always very involved in his education. His social media presence is huge, with thousands of followers.

In University 

The young Matthew Richard Blosil is still in university, studying at New York University. He is a very serious type of guy and prefers to focus on his studies and not on his social media accounts. His parents are both successful and multi-talented, which is probably why he is so popular. His full name is Matthew Richard Blosil, derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu.

Seven Children Together

Blosil’s parents met in 1986. They were married for eight years and raised seven children together. However, they later divorced and separated. Matthew Richard Blosil’s siblings include four biological brothers and two sisters. He has a mother who sings and is a TV host. His mother’s talent has earned him a place in the spotlight. Despite his fame and success, Matthew has remained focused on his studies and has avoided the media. Nevertheless, his social media accounts are flooded with fans and he is able to share his thoughts and emotions with them easily.

Dedicated to his studies

Matthew Richard Blosil has seven siblings. His biological brother is Rachel Krueger, while his two adopted siblings are Matthew’s half-brother. He is the youngest of the two and spends most of his time with his family. Despite being in college, he is very dedicated to his studies. He has a lot of social media followers, which is a big plus for him.

Supportive Siblings

His mother’s other three children are adopted. The siblings are very close and supportive of each other. Besides, he also has a half-sister, Rachel Krueger. If you have any questions about his family, do not hesitate to contact his parents. There is no doubt that the younger brother will give them all the support they need to continue their education.

Large fan Following 

Matthew Richard Blosil is a serious guy, preferring to focus on his studies rather than partying. Nevertheless, he is very talented and has a large following on various social media platforms. But his full name, Matthew Richard Blosil, comes from the Hebrew word Mattityahu. He is also a grandson of George and Olive Osmond.


Matthew Richard Blosil is the second biological child of Brian Blosil. He was born on the sixth of July 1999 and shares the same name as his mother. He has been surrounded by celebrity parents, including his father and mother-in-law Marie Osmond. The Osmond family is known for their flamboyant personality and wealth. The fame of their parents has led to his fame. He is currently 23 years old. He is an American Nationalist. His father is Brian Blosi who is the ex husband of his mother Marie Osmond.

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