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Heather Karaman


The last name Karaman is common among Americans, and there are a number of people with the same name living in different parts of the country. This woman is the wife of a successful businessman and a famous chef. Her parents were both entrepreneurs, and she learned about the business world from them. Her parents also taught her about the arts. After graduating from New York University, she married a chef, Geoffrey Zakarian. However, her marriage did not last.


Despite being married for more than 10 years, Heather Karaman and Geoffrey Zakarian are still single. While Zakarian has three children with other women, his wife is single. She has not been publicly seen dating anyone since their divorce. The relationship between the two is over, but the former couple seems happy together. Heather and Geoffrey are still close friends and continue to collaborate. They are now working on their new restaurant.

Great Career

Heather Karaman is currently living a quiet life. She was married to a marketing executive named Margaret Anne Williams. Their marriage was a success, and they have three children. While both  have a great career and family, Geoffrey Zakarian  is focusing on building a home and a family. Luckily, Heather and Geoffrey have a wonderful relationship. So, who’s next?

Second Marriage

Geoffrey Zakrian is married to Margaret Anne Williams, and they have two daughters and a son. The couple has been together for over ten years, and rarely hesitate to show their affection for each other. They also share three children together. They have three children, and are still working on a successful business. These two people seem to get along very well, but if they have a love-life, that’s a recipe for a happy marriage.

Married Twice

Geoffrey  is a TV star and restaurateur. He has been married twice, and has three children with his first wife, Heather Karaman. Their marriage is a happy one, and they’re both very happy with their new partner. Whether they’re single or not, the two have a long-lasting relationship. 

Ten Years of Marriage

Despite their public status, Geoffrey Zakarian’s marriage to Heather Karaman is a happy one. The couple was a successful restaurateur. Their marriage has been a successful one for a decade, and their relationship is stable and harmonious. The marriages of Heather Karaman have reportedly ended. She is single. After their divorce Geoffrey  married Margaret Anne Williams, a marketing executive, and they have two daughters.


Heather Karaman has two children with Geoffrey Zakarian. The couple was married for ten years, and have a son. The two are currently single. After their divorce, the couple will live separately. But they are still happy with their relationships. There’s no doubt that the two were happy together. They also had a long-term relationship.

Heather Karaman is a Businesswoman 

Geoffrey Karaman has been married twice. He married his first wife, Heather Karaman, in 2005. They have three children together. He is a successful restaurateur. She is a businesswoman who specializes in marketing. The couple met while they were working on a restaurant, and their marriage lasted for ten years. They had two daughters. The relationship was rocky at the beginning, but they remained together for a while.


They were very close, but the relationship was not perfect at the beginning. It ended when he divorced Heather Karaman. The two were married in 2005. Her marriage to Geoffrey Zakarian ended in divorce. The couple has three children. He married Heather Karaman in 2005 and their relationship lasted for ten years. She is also a doctor and has a master’s degree in medicine. She has a doctorate from Harvard Medical School and a PhD from New York University. Those two women were once in a relationship and were divorced in 2011.

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