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Mcjuggernuggets Net Worth


YouTuber McJuggerNuggets is currently worth around $6 million. His fortune mainly comes from merchandise sales. His body measurement is 64.5 kilograms, and he stands at a height of five feet five inches (1.66 meters). He is single. His net worth is estimated to grow further as his popularity increases. In addition to his YouTube channel, McJuggerNuggets is involved in many charitable organizations.


McJuggerNuggets’s real name is Jesse Tyler Ridgway. The entrepreneur was born in September 1992 and is a Libra. He has a sister and one brother. Ridgway has given away a large portion of his net worth to charity. His YouTube channel has more than 30 million views, and his videos have earned over 3.8 million subscribers.

Net Worth 

McJuggerNuggets net worth is estimated to reach $2 million in 2021. McJuggerNuggets’s real name is Jesse Tyler Ridgway. He became a YouTube sensation in the 2010s, making over $440k a year. His videos are often humorous, and he has even starred in TV shows like “Psycho” alongside his father and brother. McJuggerNuggets’ net worth is estimated to reach $5 million by 2021.

Journey of Success 

McJuggerNuggets began his career on YouTube in 2006, with his first video on the site. He became famous by creating a horror series on his channel, which lasted from December 22, 2012, to June 6, 2016. The series featured fifty episodes and 400 Vlogs. His channel now has over 4 million subscribers. The creator currently lives in Pennsylvania, USA. His net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

YouTube Channel 

He earns from his YouTube channel and other online ventures. His YouTube videos are watched by millions of viewers every day and he has made an impressive net worth. However, the amount of money he earns is likely to continue to rise. It is difficult to calculate the true value of his net worth without knowing his sources of income.

Hardships for Video Making

His YouTube personality Jesse Ridgway has millions of fans. His videos are usually short and to the point and never loses focus. Ridgway has suffered significant wounds during the making of some of his videos. In one recording, he fell face-first onto a hard table. His injuries required him to spend a considerable period in the hospital. The singer is now pursuing a career as a producer.

Huge Fan Following 

The videos McJuggerNuggets have garnered millions of views and earned him a $1.6 million net worth. The video creator is very active on social media. His Instagram account has 382k followers, his Twitter account has a total of 419k followers, and his Facebook page has over 584k subscribers. The singer also has two YouTube channels: Ridgway Entertainment and Psycho Series. Ridgway’s channel has 1.4 billion views.

Content of Videos

YouTube is another source of revenue for McJuggerNuggets. His YouTube videos average around $1,200 a day. The content of his videos continues to generate revenue for the channel. This is a source of significant income for the singer-songwriter. McJuggerNuggets has a variety of revenue streams and has been able to grow his YouTube subscriber base steadily.


McJuggerNuggets is an American YouTuber. His real name is Jesse Ridgway, and he is best known for his ‘Psycho Series’ videos. The videos follow the life of Ridgway’s family, portraying them as psychopaths. Fans were captivated by the videos of Psycho Dad, who destroyed everything in his house. The vlogger’s income comes from both his YouTube channel and gaming channel.

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