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Mesut Özil: Net worth & Salary at Fenerbahce Istanbul

How much does Mesut Özil really earn?

Mesut Özil, born on October 15, 1988 in the city of Gelsenkirchen, is not only one of the absolute professionals in football, but also one of the most expensive football players in the world. With a total purchase price of 50 million euros, which Arsenal FC had to pay for Özil, he secured the record at the time of being the most expensive football player in the United Kingdom. Of course, he is also the most expensive German footballer. His Since the contract renewal in 2018 with the Gunners, salary has been 20.5 million per year. The new contract made Özil the top earner in the Premier League and runs until 2021. In January 2021 the contract was terminated and Özil moved to Turkey to Fenerbahçe Istanbul. With his heart club, he should earn 14 million euros for a 3.5-year contract. 4 million euros

Mesut Özil net worth
Özil has had an extensive advertising contract with adidas since 2013, which could bring him an additional 16 million euros by 2020. The German superstar received contractually agreed bonus payments annual income of up to 25 million euros. He already owns a at his young age estimated net worth of 80 million euros. Adidas did not extend the contract, which runs until 2020.

The career of Mesut Özil

Özil’s football career basically began quite inconspicuously, as he did not start in the youth department of one of the big clubs, but instead started playing for smaller regional clubs. But finally he managed to convince with his clear and controlled game, which he did in the At the age of 17 in the A-youth of FC Schalke managed.

With ten goals in the first season, it was already clear to everyone involved that Özil had great potential – also in professional football. So it was only a logical step to consistently integrate Özil into the professional squad in the 2006/07 season.
Although Özil showed a solid performance overall in the professional team, the club management was still not sufficiently convinced of him, in addition there were disputes between him and Özil’s father, who was his adviser and manager, so that his contract was not extended in 2008. This could of course have meant the end of his still young career, but it offered him Werder Bremen a regular place that he accepted.

Mesut Özil salary
At Werder Bremen, Özil quickly established himself as one of the most important players, where he prepared numerous important goals. This should continue into the following 2009-10 season, opening the door for him to one top paid job at Real Madrid was open.

Moved to Real Madrid with a top salary

On August 18, 2010, the footballer signed a six-year contract with Real Madrid, earning for the first time in his career on a very large scale. The Madrilenians guaranteed him one, according to football leaks annual gross salary of at least EUR 8,771,930.

Although he had scored 27 goals at Real Madrid alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, on the one hand the competition was very strong, so that he was no longer one of the most important players in the squad, and on the other hand his playing performance fluctuated, so that he also his then coach Jose Mourinho couldn’t convince 100%. Since the pressure for him became greater and greater through the commitment of 100 million euros man Gareth Bale, he and the club surprisingly decided to leave Real.

The incredible deal with Arsenal FC

On September 2, 2013, Özil signed a transfer fee of 50 million euros to the London club Arsenal, where his then national team-mates Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker also played. Never before have Arsenal FC and their coach Arsene Wenger spent so much money on a football player as they did on Özil.

Here, too, the contract details became known through football leaks:

  • Annual gross base salary for the Gunners: 10.2 million euros
  • Bonus for reaching the Champions League group stage: 1.8 million euros
  • Bonus upon conclusion of the contract (payable in 5 stages at 1.2 million euros): 6 million euros

Anyone who thinks that this list was everything should hold on tight, because the German has agreed with Arsenal on a “guaranteed annual minimum“Can agree on what the football leaks say 8,077,000 euros net amounts to. How are these possible extra payments processed? With its own marketing company, to which Arsenal London will transfer a further EUR 1,476,095 annually until June 2018 in order to “officially” advertise with the superstar.

Contract extension 2018

The contract extension with Arsenal FC at the beginning of 2018 makes Özil the top earner in the Premier League. He receives a Salary of an incredible 350,000 pounds a week, which corresponds to an annual salary of 18.2 million pounds. That translates to around 20.5 million euros.

In the 2020/21 season, however, the footballer was no longer used for the Gunners and moved to Fenerbahçe Istanbul in the winter, for which he also accepts high wage losses.

Özil Marketing GmbH and the family dispute

“Özil Marketing GmbH” was founded on September 18, 2008 and manages Mesut Özil’s worldwide marketing rights. The head office is in the Königsalle in Düsseldorf and the managing director has been his brother Mutlu since 2013. In 2011 and 2012, the sporting goods manufacturer Nike transferred 300,000 euros to the GmbH’s account for a web deal. In 2013, Özil Marketing GmbH concluded a deal with the supplier Adidas, which should bring him a total of 16 million euros by June 2020.

From 2008-2013 his father Mustafa managed the business of the company, who was dismissed by his son without notice due to luxurious self-enrichment and uneconomical work. After a family mud fight and numerous lawsuits + counterclaims by father Mustafa Özil and his son, an out-of-court settlement was reached in October 2014 Severance payment totaling 8.1 million euros.

National team

Joachim Löw appointed Özil to the national senior soccer team in 2009. There, too, he established himself as an integral part of the squad with his exceptional performance. In the U21 national team, he was able to secure the European title, which 2014 by the world title who was crowned A team in Brazil. Due to the well-known photo with Turkish President Erdogan (#erdogate), the soccer star came under heavy criticism in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup. After the 2018 World Cup, he immediately announced his resignation from the national team and raised serious racist allegations against the DFB.

Tax debts and back payments in Spain

From a tax point of view, everything is apparently not all right with the soccer star. In the period from 2011-2013, when Özil lived in Spain, payments in the millions were smuggled past the tax office. According to Football Leaks, Özil’s Spanish tax consultancy received a decision in February 2016, according to which Mesut Özil had to pay additional income taxes in the amount of 2,017,152.18 euros. A fine of 789,963.36 euros was also set, which, however, has not (yet) been paid due to an objection by Özil.

The greatest sporting successes

  • German national player (World Champion 2014, third place in the 2010 World Cup, Vice European Champion 2008)
  • FA Cup Winner 2014 (Arsenal FC)
  • DFB Cup Winner 2009 (Werder Bremen)
  • Spanish Champion 2012 (Real Madrid)
  • Spanish Cup Winner 2011 (Real Madrid)
  • U-21 European Champion (2009)

Özil’s possession

During his time in Spain, Özil acquired a sprawling 650 square meter and completely whitewashed villa in a secure residential area outside of Madrid. Nothing is known about the costs, including whether Özil has meanwhile sold that villa again.
For his time in London, he acquired a four-story, ultra-modern and imposing villa in the heart of London. If you compare the villa with other London city villas, the price should be around between 3 and 5 million euros have been lying. The footballer gave the magazine “Hypebeast” an insight into his cottage-style villa with a large cinema and dressing room of the superlative.

As a brand ambassador for Mercedes, Özil received his favorite car, the “S 63 AMG Coupé”, in 2016. (170.00 Euro new price in the standard version). His second Mercedes is an “AMG G63 4MATIC” (145,000 euros new price in the standard version)

Mesut Özil’s wife

In his private life, things didn’t go so well with women for a long time, because his on-off relationship with Mandy (Grace) Capristo failed in 2012-2015. By the way, she was seen at the DSDS season 2015 at the side of Dieter Bohlen. The professional footballer has been with the former Miss Turkey “Amine Gülse” since 2017. In early 2019, the couple announced their engagement.

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