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Michael Chang’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. He is the youngest male tennis player to win the French Open in 1989. He was 17 years old at the time and 109 days old when he won the tournament. Currently, he is still active and earning millions through his primary career as a tennis player. His parents, Betty and David, have been married for seven years and have two children. They are still living and have no plans to divorce.

Michael Chang’s net worth has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2013, Forbes magazine ranked him the ninth-richest athlete in the world, based on his upfront pay, profit participation, endorsements, and advertising work. The American tennis player owes his fortune to savvy stock investments and substantial property holdings. He also owns a professional football team and launched his own brand of vodka.

His success in the tennis world has helped him build his net worth. In 1994, he served as the chairman of the ATP Tour Charities. Since then, he has donated millions of dollars to help grassroots tennis development in Asia. His charity work led to the establishment of the Stars of the Future program in Hong Kong and the Reebok Challenge across Asia. His humanitarian efforts have earned him recognition. In 1995, he was named one of five “Most Caring Athletes” by USA Today Weekend. In 1998, he was honored with an Asian-American Leadership Award by A Magazine. In addition, he has served as a national spokesman for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Currently, he is a goodwill ambassador for the Beijing Olympic bid committee.

While Chang’s net worth remains relatively low, the tennis player still has a lot of money. He recently exercised a 3,500-unit option in his Cathay General Bancorp stock. As of February 2017, he still holds 27,827 units of Cathay General Bancorp stock. His accumulated prize money is estimated to reach $30 million by 2021. A look at Chang’s finances will show you just how much he is worth.

A Chinese-English dictionary defines Michael Chang’s name as Zhang De Pei. The Chinese name is pronounced ‘De-Pei.’ His English-language name is ‘Chang’. His parents chose his name. They named him after their father. Despite his Asian heritage, he is a New Jersey native and holds a net worth of $30 million. ‘Covi’, which is the most popular translation of the word “coincides” in Japanese.

According to the Forbes magazine, Chang is among the richest athletes in the world. His earnings are derived from his endorsements, advertising work, and upfront pay. His sports career has made him a highly respected figure in the tennis world. His wife, Amber Liu, is a successful coach. Their net worth is $10 million, which makes him one of the most recognizable figures in the sport. Amount of money is not surprising.

In May 2011, Chang was ranked 7th on the Champions Tour. His net worth is expected to grow to $215 million by 2022. Currently, Chang’s income from tennis is estimated at $20 million. His salary and assets will increase to $90 million by 2022. The US tennis player’s estimated wealth is at least $215 million. The value of his sports career will grow exponentially and he is currently considered to be a top-tenner.

In May 2017, Chang had a third-round playoff win against the U.S. Open. His career prize money has reached $24 million. His prize money is increasing every year. His net worth has increased steadily and is estimated to be at least $11 million. While the United States tennis player is a popular figure in the world of tennis, he has made a lot of millions through his real estate business.

Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, Michael Chang’s net worth is estimated to be between $20,000 and $1 million. He has been an active tennis player for over a decade, and his net wealth is estimated to reach more than $30 million by the year 2022. If he were to retire, his income would be somewhere around the $780,000 mark. The same goes for his wife. However, a recent report by Forbes estimates that he will have a net worth of $29 million by 2022.

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