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Michael Hausenblas: Assets of the seller & coach

How rich is Michael Hausenblas?

Michael Hausenblas was born on April 21, 1968 in Leutkirch (Allgäu). His talent for selling was evident at a young age, and it later turned into a very well-paid job. While he was still selling bicycle bells at school as a 7-year-old, M. Hausenblas was a sales representative for leather goods at the age of 19 and a Ferrari seller at the age of 24. Over the years he made a name for himself as a top seller. The cherished Michael Hausenblas net worth 23 million euros.

From high school student to millionaire

Michael Hausenblas merit
Michael Hausenblas career begins at the age of 19 when he was still selling leather goods. Five years later he moved to Ferrari and earned a top salary. However, he still had the desire for self-employment, because there are no limits to earnings. He switched to direct sales. He started with Hyla, a manufacturer of air and cleaning systems. The manufacturer was hardly known in Germany at the time.

The former secondary school student was able to occupy a management position in the company within a short period of time, so the parent company also concentrated Hyla International on the top seller. He then rose to the position of sales manager and was immediately responsible for the international market. Michael Hausenblas won many business partners all over the world and thus became an indispensable employee.

But that was far from the end of his career. A Rival companies from America became aware of Michael Hausenblas and here he saw the better chances for his professional advancement. The US company already had over 60,000 employees and, as the world market leader, established sales structures.

Career as a retailer

Michael Hausenblas income
The company Hyla had continued to observe the development of M. Hausenblas and in 2007 the company wanted to regain the top seller. So he was offered the post of To take over general importer for Germany, there is no higher position. He accepted the offer and his goal was now to make Germany the most important sales market for the company.

That worked! With his sales, Hausenblas was one of the top 5 on the world market within his branch and later in 2014 he and his wife also became general importer for Austria. Having achieved all of this, however, he now wanted to generate new top salespeople. For this it became its own Training program created.

Michael Hausenblas as a coach

The book called The millionaire concept by Michael Hausenblas is both a guide and a biography. It is suitable for everyone who wants to get started in sales. In addition, he created his own academy. Within a seminar or coaching, the participants benefit from Hausenblas, who has over 24 years of sales experience.

Michael Hausenblas fortune
Michael Hausenblas has already trained sales staff from Allianz, AOK and the Swabian publishing house, among others. His participants report a significant boost in motivation after the seminars. In addition to his work as a coach, Hausenblas is still involved in sales for Hyla. However, the vacuum cleaners are no longer in the foreground, but above all the air filters, which are supposed to extract allergens, mites, fine dust and gases from the room air.

Hausenblas on TV

The public interest in Michael Hausenblas has increased over the years. The direct salesman even had his own documentary soap on RTL 2 with the broadcast title Isinglass – vacuum cleaner representative Deluxe. The audience ratings were extremely good with a market share of 5.5 percent!

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