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Michael Joseph Pratt

A Murder 

Michael Joseph Pratt has been convicted of first degree murder and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. He was arrested in March after hitting his girlfriend’s eight-year-old son. The incident occurred after Pratt told the boy to clean his room. His defense was based on the theory that he was in self-defense.

Accidental Shooting

The charges are the result of a police investigation of the incident. Police say Pratt shot his victim Adrian Precia after an argument, but eyewitnesses say that the shooting was accidental. The gun that was used was a small caliber handgun. The police believe that Pratt was unarmed when he shot Precia, but it is still unclear why he was in a shooting situation with a young boy.

Shooting Gun

The shooting occurred in February 2011 at Spingarn High School in Minnesota. The gun used was deemed to be a mistake, but the shooting killed one student and seriously wounded three others. The gun used in the shooting was a small caliber pistol that Pratt accidentally discharged. He was stopped by police shortly after the incident. He was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Details of the Case

The shooter, James Pratt, disguised himself with black masks and black clothing, and was armed with a loaded nine-millimeter pistol. The two officers exchanged gunfire, and Pratts eventually surrendered. He was later hospitalized with hypothermia. This case was covered by the news and many people were horrified. It is also worth noting that the Pratts were involved in a murder.


Pratt’s lawyer, Jeffrey S. Smith, argued for Pratt, and the state was represented by the Hon. Alan G. Lance, Idaho’s Attorney General. In the end, the Idaho Supreme Court overruled the Idaho court’s decision in McKinney. It was an example of a case where a defendant’s constitutional right to effective counsel was denied.

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