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Michael Thomas Berthold


Architect Michael Thomas Berthold is a self-employed businessman in the Sea Cliff area of Long Island. In early 2002, he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme. He was forced to accept a $2,000 monthly chemotherapy bill, and his wife, Susan, had to give up her job. However, he remained active, playing drums in a local band called Midlife Crisis.

His Well-known Project

After suffering from Parkinson’s disease for two years, he was unable to work as a part-time professor at Columbia University. In an effort to support his wife, he established the Michael Berthold Conservation Design Award, which will be given to a graduating architecture student. This honor is well-deserved and is in keeping with his passion for ecologically friendly design. A 400 square-foot studio-garage that he shares with his wife is an example of this type of project.This award is intended to honor an outstanding example of ecologically-friendly design. In addition to his award, Michael Berthold also has his own pet conservation project. His 400 square-foot, earth tone shingle studio-garage, which he shares with his wife Laura Campbell, demonstrates his passion for environmental protection.

A Musician

As a musician, he was also known for his virtuosity with different musical instruments. His first instrument was a piano, and at age 12, he progressed to the cello and then the guitar. His passion for playing musical instruments continued as he grew older and eventually took up the guitar. His wife Laura Campbell and daughter Emily Lynne Berthold were a great team.

His Hard Work

Despite his disabilities, Michael Berthold still works as a part-time professor at a university in his native Italy. He has created the Michael Berthold Conservation Design Award. His pet conservation project is a 400-square-foot, earth tone shingle studio-garage. He and his wife, Laura Campbell, both play the guitar and live in the studio.


The couple met in 1961 and married in 1962. Their children were born on the same month, and they remained close. The couple’s children grew up in Sea Cliff, New York. She began playing the piano at a young age and played the cello at the age of 12. After she was in her teens, she learned to play the guitar. He also dated his mother on the same day as his wife.

Daughter McKinnon

Kathryn McKinnon Berthold was born in Long Island, New York. She was raised by Michael Thomas Berthold and Laura Campbell. She was known for her skill and diversity in playing different instruments. She started playing piano at age five and then later learned the cello. She then taught herself to play the guitar. She is an acclaimed jazz pianist and composer. She was awarded an Oscar in 2000 for her debut album, “Boys Don’t Cry,” a jazz classic.

His Legacy of College Honor

Although he no longer works as a part-time professor, he has left behind a legacy at the college level. His students have named their honor after him. The award will be given to the student who best demonstrates an exceptional sense of ecological consciousness. The winner of the Michael Thomas Berthold Conservation Design Award will receive a $15,000 prize. The recipient will receive an honorarium and a certificate of excellence in the field of architecture.

Wife Laura Campbell 

After a long illness, Michael Berthold became disabled and was no longer able to work as a part-time professor. Instead, he has donated his award to an architecture student who exhibits environmental consciousness in their projects. He is also a pet lover and lives with his wife, Laura Campbell. There are several charities that honor the architect, including the nonprofit Animal Welfare Foundation of Long Island.


Mr. Berthold’s home is an architect’s dream come true. The studio has solar water collectors on the roof that he salvaged from his mother’s house. These solar water heaters store heat and provide hot water throughout the summer. The cupola on top of the studio allows natural light and ventilation to the interior. The heating and cooling costs have been under $100 a month, which is remarkable considering the location of the studio.

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